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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

1809 Will of Jacob Andres of Mansfield Township

The Last Will and Testament
of Jacob Andres dec.
Filed 15th Aug 1809
Recorded in Lib. A of
Will Bo. 173 4
D. Stuart Surrogate
1195 S

In the name of God Amen. I Jacob Andres of the Township of Mansfield, County of Sussex and the State of New Jersey, being of sound mind and memory, do make and publish this for my Last Will and Testament.

First, I give and bequeath to my Dear Wife Holly Andres all that house and lott of land whereon I now live, with all the buildings and things there unto belonging; so long as she the said Holly Andres shall continue my Widow. I likewise bequeath to my said Wife - one cow, three hogs, five sheep, two beds and beding, one set of bed curtains, meal barrel, five [---?---], crockery, kettles, pails, wash tub, [soap? and soap?] barrels, churn and all other kitchen furniture, my large bibble, one third part of all the grain that shall be raised on my land this season, with seven dollars in cash to be paid within forty days after my decease.

Second, I give unto my daughter Sarah ten dollars.

Third, all the residue of my Estate after payment of debts I give and devise to my children equally to be divided amongst them share and share alike, excepting my daughter Sarah who is to take nothing under this devise of the residue.

Fourth, all my Estate both real and personal excepting that part I have bequeathed to my wife shall be sold within Eight months after my decease and the money arising from said sales, after paying all my debts, shall be put out at interest and my children shall receive their [------?------] shares as they become of age with interest on said shares.

Fifth, at the Marriage or Death of my wife the afore said House and lott shall be sold and the money arising from said sale shall be divided amongst my children share and share alike (excepting my daughter Sarah who shall take nothing under this devise) those of my children who may be under age at the time of my wifes marriage or death, such childrens shares, shall be put out to interest, until they become of age, at which time they shall receive their shares with interest. I appoint John Hance and John Hockenberry Executors of this my Testament and last will In Witness Whereof I Have hereto set my hand and seal this Fourteenth day of June in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Nine.


Signed, sealed, published, and declared by the said Jacob Andress to be his testament and last will in the presence of us.


Sussex County SS
James Larason one of the witnesses to the within will being duly sworn, did [--?--] & say, that he saw Jacob Andrews the Testator therein named [---?---] the same & heard him publish pronounce & declare the within writing to be his latest will & testament, & that at the doing thereof the said testator was of sound & deposing mind & memory as far as this [---?---knows &---?---] believes, and James Russling, & Robert Compton the other subscribing witnesses [---?---] named as witnesses to the said will together with this [---?---] the presence of the said testator


Sworn at Newton the 15th day of August Anno Domini 1809 before me

Sussex County SS
John Hance & John Hockenbury executors named in the within testament, being duly sworn, did severally declare that the within writing contains the [true?] last will & testament of Jacob Andrews the testator therein named as far as they know and [-------?--------] that they will [will?] thereby perform the same by first paying the debts of the said dec’d and then the legacies in the said testament specified as far as the goods, chattels & [credits?] [can thereunto --?--] And that they will make & exhibit unto the Surrogate offices of Sussex a true & perfect inventory of all & singular the goods chattels & credits of the said dec’d that have & shall come to their knowledge or possession or to the possession of any other person or persons [of --?] their use & under [--?--] amount when [thereunto ---?---]


Sworn at Newton the 15th day of August Anno Domini 1809 before me

The Inventory of the Personal Estate of Jacob Andrews dec’d
Filed 15th Aug. 1809
& Recorded in Lib B of
Inventories Fo. 21
D. Stuart Surrogate

A True Inventory taken and appraised of the goods chattels rites and credits of Jacob Andress late of Mansfield deceased By James White & George Merrit August 7th 1809

1 Sorrel Mare, 60
1 Black Do, 60
a Lot of Rye, 8
a Do of Wheat, 40
a Do of Buckwheat, 10
1 Harrow, 2
a Lot of Corn & Potatoes, 30
1 Cow,13
1 Heffer, 12
1 yearling Calf,5
1 Cow at Wicoffs, 16
1 Calf, 2
1 Wagon, 20
1 Slead, 2
1 Cutting Box, 3
1 Half Bushel & Pail, .60
1 Set of Geers for 2 Horses,10
a Lot of [-----?------] straps, 1
a Lot of Hay, 6
a Set of Blacksmith Tools, 25
1 Bed and Beding, 10
3 Winsor Chair,2.50
1 Dining chr, 1
1 Brackfast Table, 3
1 Bofat, 6
a Lot of Books, .50
1 Chest,1
1 Do, .50
1 Bed, 6
1 Do,4
a Lot of flaxseed, 1
$ 361.10

Brought Over, $361.10
a Half Hoghead, .25
1 Chest, 1.50
1 Iron bound Kegg, 1
2 Spining Wheels, 3
[----?-----], 25
1 Piece of fold cloath, 10
Boates and [---?---], 2.50
Rasor and Box, .25
a lot of wool, 7
1 Shovel, 1
11 Swarmes Bees, 22
1 Side Saddel, 2
Account Books unsettled and unknown as yet
1 Plough, 4
4 Pigs or Shots, 2
1 Tunnel Bed, 2
1 Sythe and loader, 2
1 Large wheele, 2.50

Specific Legacy to the widow
3 Hogs, 11
1 Cow, 20
1 Wacher Mesheen, 8
1 Large Bible, 6
2 Beds and Beding and Certains, 50
a Lot of [ Crockery? in the --?--], 4
a Dresser and all therein, 5
a lot of Trim, 2
a Do of [Mallow?] ware, 8
a pane and [----------?---------], 4
1 Lantern, .75
a coffe mill & tra, 1
8 Chairs, 3
1 Kichen Table, 2

Jno Hockenbury one of the executors named in the last will & testament of the within named Jacob Andrus dec’d being duly sworn did declare that the within writing contains a true & perfect inventory of all & singular the goods chattels & credits of the said dec’d that have come to his knowledge or possession or to the possession of any other person or persons [---?---]


Sworn at Newton the 15th day of August Anno Domini 1809 before me
D. STUART Surrogate

Who was Jacob Andress of Beattystown?

According to the 1861 Knowleton Twp. death return of Peter W. Andress his father was Jacob Andress. His mother’s name is not stated. According to Elizabeth Skinner’s 1880 death record from the NJ Bureau of Vital Statistics her father was Jacob Andress. Her mother’s maiden name is recorded as Workman, with her first name omitted. It also states that Elizabeth was born in Beattystown. The 1874 Hardwick Twp. death return of Joseph Andress does not state his parents’ names, but does record his birth in Warren County. An 1875 death return for Hampton Andress has not surfaced. William Armstrong’s 1926-7 Hunt Households of Sussex County, from GMNJ, Vol. II, makes the incorrect claim that Hampton’s parents were Joseph Andress and Margaret Hunt. This is the result of confusing Hampton (b. 1807) with Hampton W. (b. 1832). Birth and baptism records for the Andress siblings have not surfaced. The earliest record I’ve located of the family is the 1825 notice in the Sussex Register of the marriage of Peter W. Andress and Sarah Skinner. Performing the marriage was the Rev. Joseph Campbell, the well-known pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Hackettstown.

On page 727 of James P. Snell’s 1881 History of Sussex and Warren Counties the author writes for Beattystown that “Jacob Andrews kept a blacksmith-shop in 1812” and that among the men drafted for the War of 1812 were William and Jacob Andrews of Mansfield Township. The account of Jacob Eckman of Mansfield Twp., dated 15 Feb. 1813, (file 1352S) includes “Jacob Andreas.” File 1195S is the will and inventory of Jacob Andres of Mansfield Township. Jacob names his wife Holly and a daughter Sarah, but does not name his underage children. Executors are John Hance and John Hockenbury. Witnesses to the will were James Rusling, Robt. Compton, and James Larason. This will was probated 15 Aug. 1809. The executors and witnesses, according to early records, were residents near Beattystown and Hackettstown. Included in the inventory are a set of blacksmith’s tools and unsettled account books. Is this the same blacksmith that Snell refers to? One clue that makes me think this Jacob is the father of our family is from an unverified claim that the wife of witness James Larason was Sarah Woertman. Were Sarah and Holly sisters?

On 17 Aug. 1813 a deed was recorded between David Inscoe and Ebenezer Inscoe for the same tract of land that in May of 1788 was “conveyed by John Armstrong to Abigail Thatcher.” This land is in Mansfield Township near Beattystown. The southeast corner of the land borders the “widow Andrews dwelling home.” This may be a reference to Holly, and I wonder if the John Armstrong that is mentioned is the same as the father of Euphemia Wright Armstrong, who on 20 Feb. 1819 married Wilson Hunt, brother of Margaret Hunt who later married Joseph Andress.

The earliest reference that I have found to a Jacob Andress of Beattystown is the 21 March 1801 will of Christopher Huffman of Mansfield Woodhouse Township. (File 1066S) Witnesses to this will were Elisha Bird, John Boyd (Bird?) and Jacob Anders. The inventory was taken by John Stewart and John Hance. Christopher names his daughter Mary Airs, and son-in-law Aaron Airs. Aaron was born 01 Aug. 1767 to Ezekiel Ayers and Annethe Stark.

According to the research of Alice A. Reiders, which includes a “Family Record of Ezekiel Ayers” and Hellen P. Alleman’s 1966 Ayers Family along the Delaware, from GMNJ Vol. XLI, Ezekiel was the son of Obadiah Ayers and Elizabeth Compton, who were among the earliest settlers of Hackettstown. In 1764 it was Obadiah who deeded the land to the Presbyterian committee upon which was built the Presbyterian Church of Hackettstown. Ezekiel was born 23 Feb. 1730 and he died 05 Aug. 1796. Annethe, Ezekiel’s first wife, died in 1778 and he remarried 16 March 1780 to Euphemia Longstreet. Euphemia was the widow of Richard Longstreet. He died 20 Aug. 1776. One of the daughters of Richard and Euphemia was Elli or Elsey. (R. J. Longstreet’s 1960 A History of the Longstreet Family, mentions a “Hillick Family Bible” that records the name of Richard and Euphemia’s daughter as Elsey.) She was born 26 April 1768 and she died 19 July 1791. In her 1801 will (file 915S) “Euphemia Ayers of Hackettstown” bequeathed to her granddaughter Sarah Andrews a “large blue chest, my satin cloak, muslin shawl and best homespun bedspread; also $133.20 with interest when 21.” Was Elli Longstreet Ayers married to Jacob Andress?

Euphemia’s estate inventory, dated 01 Mar. 1802, was taken by Jacob Sharp and Thomas Shields. Both Thomas’s and Jacob’s families are buried in the Old Cemetery of Hackettstown Presbyterian Church. According to Theodore F. Chambers’ 1898 Early Germans of New Jersey, page 490, Jacob and Bathsheba’s son Morris Sharp was born 25 May 1789. He died 20 June 1827. Recorded in New Jersey Marriages, 1684-1895, Morris Sharp married Sarah Andrews 22 Aug. 1811 in Sussex County. Sarah’s 05 Aug. 1843 death is recorded in the Sussex Register as follows: “Sarah, relict of Morris Sharp, Chatham, 53” This would place her birth circa 1790, which was about a year before Elli’s death. Is this Sarah the daughter of Jacob Andress and Elli Longstreet Ayers?

To summarize: Jacob Andress of Beattystown, born circa 1765, could have first married Elli, the daughter of Richard and Euphemia Longstreet. Jacob and Elli could have had a daughter Sarah born about 1790. Sarah’s birth was followed by her mother’s death of 19 July 1791. Jacob could have remarried anytime between then and 1798. His second wife’s name may have been Holly Workman. Between 1798 and 1807 Jacob and Holly had at least four children, namely, Elizabeth, Peter, Joseph, and Hampton. Jacob then died in 1809 leaving behind his widow and children. This is all, of course, speculation based upon the few records I’ve been able to uncover. Hopefully further research will confirm some of this theory or, at least, lead me in the correct direction.

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Descendants of Jacob Andress of Beattystown

JACOB ANDRESS lived near Beattystown, Mansfield Township, Sussex (now Warren) County, New Jersey ca. 1800. Jacob was probably born ca. 1765 and he may have died before 1830. He married Mrs. WORKMAN (Woertman) ca. 1795.

They had the following children:

I. ELIZABETH ANDRESS, daughter of Jacob, was born 19 Oct. 1798 in Beattystown and died 01 Dec. 1884. She married AMOS SKINNER ca. 1825. Amos was born 11 Aug. 1799 and he died 04 Jan. 1880. They lived in Frelinghuysen Township, Warren County. They are buried in Marksboro Cemetery. They had the following children:

(1) Andrew Jackson Skinner, b. ca. 1825, m. Matilda Coursen, 05 Dec. 1850; children: Albert Henry, Franklin Coursen, Anna A.

(2) Margaret A. Skinner, b. ca. 1828.

(3) Catherine P. Skinner, b. ca. 1837.

(4) Joseph C. Skinner, b. ca. 1839, d. 05 May 1844.

II. PETER W. ANDRESS, son of Jacob, was born 07 June 1801 and died 08 April 1861. He married SARAH E. SKINNER 13 Jan 1825. Sarah was born 29 July 1804 and she died 09 Sept. 1881. They lived in Hardwick and Knowleton Townships, Warren County. They are buried in Marksboro Cemetery. They had the following children:

(1) Roderick Byington Andress, b. 17 May 1826, d. 10 Jan 1907, m. Huldah Jane Lanning, 01 Jan. 1851; children: Isaiah Preston, Joseph Clark, Hannah, Huldah J.

(2) Joseph Andress Jr., b. 19 Jan 1829, d. 22 July 1887, unmarried.

(3) Mary Elizabeth Andress, b. 09 Jan 1831, d. 27 March 1915, m. Embla Drake Mann, 27 May 1850; children: Emma Rebecca, Charles K., Margaret A., Joseph Milton, Sarah A., Mary J.

(4) Margaret M. Andress, b. 23 March 1833, d. 26 Oct. 1897, unmarried.

(5) Theodore H. Andress, 26 Aug. 1835, d. 03 June 1863, m. Margaret Mackey; children: William M.

(6) William S. Andress, b. April 1837, m. Sarah L.; children: Grace A.

(7) Alice A. Andress, b. 31 March 1842, d. 26 July 1914, m. Frank Transue; children: Josephine A.

(8) Elsey Ann Andress, b. ca. 1843.

(9) Jacob S. Andress, b. March 1845 d. 1921, m. Minerva Stier, 31 Dec. 1874; children: Gilbert S.

III. JOSEPH ANDRESS, son of Jacob, was born ca. 1803 and he died 04 June 1874. He married MARGARET HUNT ca. 1824. Margaret, born ca. 1795, was the daughter of Joseph Hunt and Mary Simpson. She died 12 April 1854. They lived in Hardwick Township, Warren County. They are buried in Marksboro Cemetery. They had the following children:

(1) Sarah H. Andress, b. 1824, d. 1893, m. John Kline Teel, 03 July 1856; children: Edward, Maggie Savilla.

(2) Marshall H. Andress, b. ca. 1830, d. 19 Oct. 1894, m. Harriet Denike, 19 Nov. 1851; children: William S., Joseph, Albert G., Margaret, Rosanna N., Elizabeth, Sarah, Charles.

(3) Harriet D. Andress, b. Oct. 1831, d. 1900, m. Isaiah Lanning, 07 Feb. 1854; children: Albert Isaac, Cyrus S., Elizabeth, Sarah.

(4) Hampton W. Andress, b. 16 June 1832, d. 04 Jan. 1908, m. Eliza Ann Snyder; children: Emma, Clara, William Snyder, John H., Clarence Linden, Roy Lewis.

IV. HAMPTON ANDRESS, son of Jacob, was born 26 Sept. 1807 and he died 26 Sept. 1875. He married MARTHA ELIZABETH HUNT ca. 1834. She was the daughter of Theophilus Hunt and Margaret Armstrong, born 08 Aug. 1812 and died 06 April 1880. They lived in Stillwater Township, Sussex County. They are buried in Newton Cemetery. They had the following children:

(1) Ariminta Andress, b. 28 Nov. 1834, d. 28 Dec. 1897, m. Peter Theodore Northrop; children: Peter, Elizabeth, Edward H., Theodore P.

(2) Oscar Andress, b. 27 Aug. 1838, d. 27 Dec. 1903, m. Edith Caroline Wintermute, 18 May 1876; children: Anna Condit, Joseph, Mary Elizabeth, George Wintermute.

(3) Dr. Theophilus Hunt Andress, b. 01 Jan. 1841, d. 26 Aug. 1913, m. 1. Sarah Cecelia Cutler, 10 Oct. 1865; children: Frederick Ryerson, Hampton A., William Stewart, Lena Celia, Mary Vail; m. 2. Elizabeth Kinney Hoffman, 1891; children: Gertrude, Russell T., Dorothy.

(4) Olla Maria Andress, b. 26 Nov. 1847, d. 12 May 1853.


Welcome to Andress Antiquities. This site will serve as an archive for my research and documentation of the history of the Andress family of northwest New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. My great-great grandfather, Hampton W. Andress, moved from Blairstown, New Jersey to Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, sometime around 1870. There he married Eliza Ann Snyder, a descendant of an old pioneer family of Pennsylvania Germans. Hampton was the grandson of Jacob Andress of Beattystown, Warren County, New Jersey. For now, Jacob is as far as I’ve gotten in my research. Most of the work of this website will be dedicated to the documentation of his descendants. Hopefully, an equal amount of time can be spent documenting my search for Jacob’s parents and his ancestral home. However, thus far, information on Jacob has proven to be quite elusive. I’ve also researched a few other 18th and 19th century New Jersey families with similar surnames such as Andrews, Andries, Anders, etc. I will be posting information about those families as well. In addition, I intend to include on this site information about the families that have married into the Andress family. Occasionally I may also post information in regard to the history of the places in which our families have lived. So even if you’re not an Andress you may still find something of interest. Please contact me or leave a note if you have any questions or comments or would like to make additions or corrections. I hope you find this archive helpful in your own quest.

For Kith & Kin,
Jeremy J. Andress