The Andress Family Register, a work in progress, documents the descendants of Jacob Andress of Beattystown, NJ. The AFR is found in the Archive 18 June - 02 Aug. 2007. The AFR has also been added to

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Andress and Andrews Families in Sussex & Warren counties, NJ, 1860

Sussex County

Stillwater, Family 47:
Hampton Andress, 52, M, Merchant, 10,000, 3,000, NJ
Elizabeth Andress, 48, F, NJ
Oscar Andress, 22, M, Merchant, NJ
Araminta Andress, 25, F, NJ
Theophilus H Andress, 19, M, NJ
Elmira Martin, 9, F, NJ

Walpack, Family 253 (Household of Richard Lantz):
Sarah J Andruss, 11, F, NJ

Warren County

Hardwick, Family 449:
Marshall Andress, 28, M, Miller, 200 NJ
Harriet Andress, 22, F, NJ
Joseph Andress, 6, M, NJ
George A Andress, 2, M, NJ

Hardwick, Family 520 (Household of Isaac C Konkle)
Margaret Andress, 27, F, NJ

Hardwick, Family 530:
Joseph Andress, 55, M, Farmer, 1300, 1800, NJ
Hampton Andress, 25, M, Laborer, 100, NJ
Elizabeth Ball, 30, F, NJ

Knowlton, Family 285:
Peter W Andress, 58, M, Mason, 100, NJ
Sarah Andress, 56, F, NJ
Joseph Andress, 30, M, Merchant, 500, 2500, NJ
Alice Andress, 19, F, NJ
Jacob Andress, 15, M, NJ
Margaret Stine, 35, F, School Mistress, NJ

Frelinghuysen, Family 45 (Household of William J. Cook):
William S Andrews, 23, Farm Laborer, NJ

Blairstown, Family 664 (Household of Jacob Chambers):
Theadore Andress, 24, M, Carpenter, 100, NJ

Blairstown, Family 762:
Roderick B Andress, 35, M, Carpenter, 500, NJ
Huldah Andress, 26, F, NJ
Isaiah Andress, 8, M, NJ
Clark Andress, 6, M, NJ
Hannah Andress, 4, F, NJ
Huldah Andress, 2, F, NJ

Franklin, Family 518:
Susan Andrews, 50, F, Grasswidow, 50, NJ
Stewart Andrews, 12, M, NJ

Franklin, Family 586 (Household of Andrew J Rush):
John Andrews,17, M, NJ

Franklin, Family 614:
Wm Andrews, 31, M, Machinist, 300, NJ
Sarah Andrews, 35, F, NJ
Ann Andrews, 3, F, NJ
John Andrews, 1, M, NJ

Franklin, Family 621(Household of Charles Miller):
Robert Andrus, 21, M, Teamster, NJ

Franklin, Family 623:
Sally Ann Andrus, 48, F, Widow, 500, 200, NJ
Eliza Cole, 57, F, 700, NJ

Franklin, Family 690:
Dorothy Dehart, F, 1000, 200, NJ
George Andrews, 12, M, NJ

Franklin, Family 748:
John Andrews, 76, M, Widower, 200, NJ

Greenwich, Family 787 (Household of J.M. Love):
Isabella Andrew,16, F, Servant, NJ

Washington, Family 363:
Jacob Andrews, 48, M, Laborer, NJ
Mary Andrews, 38, F, NJ
Sarah Andrews, 18, F, NJ
Jane Andrews, 16, F, NJ
William H Andrews, 5, M, NJ
Adaline Andrews, 1, F, NJ

Washington, Family 146:
Briss Andrews, 75, M, Black, Laborer, 300, 100, NJ
Sally Andrews, 56, F, B, NJ
William Andrews, 22, M, B, Laborer, NJ
Abram Andrews, 20, M, B, NJ

Washington, Family 148 (Household of John Mc Clary):
Clarissa Andrews, 25, F, Black, NJ
George Andrews, 5, M, B, NJ

Phillipsburg, Family 217:
Isaac Andrews, 27, M, Carpenter, 150, NJ
Susan Andrews, 25, F, NJ
George Andrews, 5, M, NJ
Alfred Andrews, 3, M, NJ
Joseph Andrews, 10/12, M, NJ

Phillipsburg, Family 525:
James M Andrews,31, M, (employment illegible), 5000, 1000, NJ
Mary Andrews, 30, F, PA
Joseph Andrews, 6, M, NJ
Emily Andrews, 4, F, NJ
Lillia Andrews, 1, F, NJ
Catharine Andrews, 20, F, NJ
Jesse Warner, 24, M, PA

Oxford, Family 259:
Thomas Andrew, 28, M, Laborer, 1000, England
Mary Andrew, 18, F, NJ
James Andrew, 1, M, NJ
Henry Dyer, 25, M, England

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Andress and Andrews Families of Northwest New Jersey 1830

Warren County

Hardwick, Joseph Anders: M20101 F01001
Hardwick, Peter W Anders: M200102 F00002

Independence, Pricilla Andrews: M0 F0011001
Independence, Richard Andrews: M00000001 F00001001

Greenwich, Jacob B Andrews: M213001 F00101
Greenwich, John Andrews: M1100011 F1020001
Greenwich, Barnet Andrews: M10001 F0000001
Greenwich, (Widow) Mary Andrews: M0 F0000101001
Greenwich, Martin Andrews: M0111001 F2110101
Greenwich, Jacob Andrews: M00100001 F00111
Greenwich, Stephen Andrews: M1000401 F0001001
Greenwich, Thos Andrews: M10001 F00001

Oxford, Daniel Andrews: M0010001 F0001001
Oxford, John Andruss: M1001001 F1200101

Morris County

Morris, James Andress: M001301 F12002
Morris, Sylvester Andrews: M010001 F01101

Pequannock, John C Andrews: M011113 F010202

Hunterdon County

Trenton, Chester Andrews: M1000001 F100001

There are no heads of households by the name of Andress or Andrews in the counties of Somerset and Sussex on the 1830 federal census.

Andress and Andrews Families of Northwest New Jersey 1840

Sussex County

Stillwater, Hampton Andruss: M101011 F01001

Warren County

Hardwick, Joseph Anders: M002201 F0110001

Knowlton, Peater Anders: M112001 F020001

Franklin, Barnet Andrews: M111011 F010001
Franklin, Jacob Andrews: M010000001 F00001
Franklin, Jacob B Andrews: M01322001 F0000001
Franklin, James Andrews: M200001 F00001
Franklin, John Andrews: M00110001 F00100001

Mansfield, Brister Andrews: (Free Colored Persons) M2201 F22001
Mansfield, Jacob T Andrews: M00001 F11001

Oxford, Daniel Andrews: M00001001 F00000001

Harmony, Thomas T Andrews: M101001 F120001

Morris County

Chatham, Wm L Andrus: M110001 F00001000001

There are no heads of households by the name of Andress or Andrews in the counties of Somerset and Hunterdon on the 1840 federal census.

Andress and Andrews Families of Northwest New Jersey 1850

Sussex County

Stillwater, Family 250:
Hampton Andress, 40, M, Merchant, 10,000, NJ
Elizabeth, 38, F, NJ
Araminta, 15, F, NJ
Oscar, 12, M, NJ
Theophilus H, 9, M, NJ
Olla, 2, F, NJ

Newton, Family 146:
Peter Bale, 46, M, NJ
Sarah, 34, F, NJ
James, 12, M, NJ
Emily, 10, F, NJ
Henry, 4, M, NJ
George, 3, M, NJ
David, 1, M, NJ
Marshall Andrews, 23, M, Miller, NJ
Catherine Smith, 18, F, NJ
Ann Drake, 65, F, NJ

Warren County

Hardwick, Family 77:
Joseph Andrus, 47, M, Farmer, NJ
Margaret, 55, F, NJ
Sarah, 25, F, NJ
Hampton, 20, M, Laborer, NJ
Harriet, 18, F, NJ

Frelinghuysen, Family 78:
Peter W. Andrus, 48, M, Stonemason, NJ
Sarah, 45, F, NJ
Roderick B, M, Carpenter, NJ
Margaret, 17, F, NJ
William, 13, M, NJ
Elsey Ann F, 8, F, NJ
Jacob S, 5, NJ

Franklin, Family 37:
John Andrews, 65, M, 400, NJ
Margaret, 65, F, NJ
William, 21, M, Laborer, NJ

Franklin, Family 38:
James Andreas, 40, M, (employment illegible), 1500, NJ
Sarah, 35, F, NJ
Emeline, 15, F, NJ
John M, 12, M, NJ
Robert B, 10, M, NJ
Thomas M, 8, M, NJ
Jane E, 5, F, NJ
Franklin M, 1, M, NJ

Franklin, Family 39:
Barnet Andrews, 45, M, Tailor, 500, NJ
S Ann, 43, F, NJ
Joanna, 15, F, NJ
Thomas C, 12, NJ
Catherine L, 8, NJ
Isabelle, 1, NJ

Franklin, Family 233:
George H. Weller, 57, M, Farmer, 7000, NJ
Samantha, 7, F, NJ
Sarah E., 6, NJ
Lydia, 4, NJ
Sarah 66, NJ
John (Kemiey?), 18, M, Laborer, NJ
Isaac Andrews, 20, M, Laborer, NJ
Sarah (Shwley?), 50, F, NJ

Franklin, Family 56:
Philip D. Weller, 47, M, Farmer, 6,500, NJ
Eliza Ann, 41, F, NJ
Valentine, 10, M, NJ
John, 8, M, NJ
James, 6, NJ
Abraham, 20, Laborer, NJ
Jane Andrews, 14, NJ

Franklin, Family 72:
Tunis S Miller, 30, M, Miller, NJ
Elizabeth, 35, F, PA
Rhoda, 6, F, NJ
May S, 4, F, NJ
Isaac W, 2, M, NJ
Jacob Andrews, 76, M, NJ
Ann, 34, F, NJ
Mary, 19, F, NJ

Oxford, Family 195:
Daniel Andrew, 66, M, Cooper, 1000, NJ
Mary, 64, F, NJ
Philip, 35, M, Cooper, NJ
Elizabeth, 30, F, NJ
Ann Maria, 7, F, NJ
Daniel, 6, M, NJ
Margaret, 5, F, NJ
Joseph, 4, F, NJ
William, 2, M, NJ
Sarah E, 1, F, NJ

Washington, Family 133:
Jacob Andrews, 35, M, NJ
Caroline, 35, F, NJ
Susan, 15, F, NJ
Matilda, 13, F, NJ
John, 9, M, NJ

Washington, Family 226:
Benjamin Andreas, 30, M, Black, NJ
Mary, 24, F, NJ
Sarah, 3, F, NJ
Abraham, 2/12, M, NJ

Washington, Family 231:
Brister Andrews, 60, M, Black, Laborer, NJ
Sarah, 54, F, Black, NJ
George, 21, M, NJ
Abraham, 16, M, NJ
Mary, 15, NJ
William, 9, NJ
Nancy Smith, 70, NJ

Knowleton, Family 102:
James Andrews, 35, M, Black, Laborer, PA
Martha Ann Andrews, 23, F, Mulatto, NJ
William H. Andrews, 3, M, NJ
Ann Maria Andrews, 3/12, F, NJ

Greenwich, Family 114:
Enoch Beers, 59, M, Merchant, 55,000, PA
Catha(?), 50, NJ
John, 26, M, Distiller, NJ
(Margaret?), 19, NJ
James M Andrews, 24, M, Clerk, NJ
Elizabeth Wilson, 19, F, NJ
Sophia Wilson, 17, NJ
Ann (Manning?), 21, NJ

Greenwich, Family 129:
Isaac Dehart, 24, M, Drover, NJ
May Ann, 4, NJ
John, 6/12, M, NJ
Elizabeth (Miller?), 46, F, NJ
Margaret Andrews, 22, F, NJ
Isaac M, 6, M, NJ
George, 3, M, NJ
Isaac Dehart, 26, M, Drover, NJ

Greenwich, Family 182:
William R. Stone, 33, M, Laborer, 80, NJ
Eleanor, 28, F, NJ
May M, 10, F, NJ
Sarah C, 8, NJ
Levi (Meier?), 55, M, NJ
Charlotte Andrews, 15, F, NJ
Rebecca (Meier?), 18, F, NJ
Jacob Stone, 19, M, Furnaceman, NJ
William Roberts, 23, M, Furnaceman, PA
Thos. J. Andrews, 44, M, Furnaceman, NJ
William Byrant, 24, M, Furnaceman, Ireland
Augustus Tilmore, 24, Furnaceman, Germany
Laurence Ocius, 23, Furnaceman, Germany

Greenwich, Family 208:
Henry G. Stillwell, 25, M, Merchant, Germany
Charlotte 23, F, Germany
Heriam, 11/12, M, PA
Martin Andrews, 11, NJ

Morris County

Washington, Family 439 (No number on original):
Jacob A Middleswarth, 30, M, Merchant, 1,200, NJ
Catherine, 31, F, NJ
Maria Middleswarth, 1, F, NJ
Joseph Andrus, 21, M, Clerk, NJ

Rockaway, Family 448:
James Andrew, 35, M, Laborer, England
Elizabeth Andrew, 31, F, England
Philepi, 7, F, England
Margaret, 4, F, England
Frances, 3, M, England
Frances, 31, M, Miner, England
Charles, 33, M, Laborer, England

Pequannock, Family 180:
George Andrews, 26, M, Weaver, England
Esther, 24, F, England

Hunterdon County

Lambertville, Family 124:
James Andrews, 35, M, Laborer, Ireland
Catherine, 29, F, Ireland
Mary Jane, 6, F, NJ
Catherine, 1, F, NJ

Somerset County

Bridgewater, Family 570:
Jacob Andrews, 33, M, Germany
Caroline, 19, F, Massachusetts
John, 10/12, M, New Jersey

Montgomery, Family 247:
Martin (Neuieus?), 38, M, Farmer, 10,000, NJ
Rachel A (Neuieus?), 34, F, NJ
Sarah Andrews, 50, F, NJ
Mary A Dunham, 20, F, NJ
Samuel Sauter, 25, M, Black, Laborer, NJ