The Andress Family Register, a work in progress, documents the descendants of Jacob Andress of Beattystown, NJ. The AFR is found in the Archive 18 June - 02 Aug. 2007. The AFR has also been added to

Sunday, June 24, 2007

AFR 2-1: Peter W. Andress

PETER W. ANDRESS, son of Jacob, was born 07 June 1801 in New Jersey. Peter was a stone mason. He died 08 April 1861 in Knowlton Township, Warren County. Peter was buried in Marksboro Presbyterian Churchyard.

Peter was married to Sarah E. Skinner 13 Jan. 1825, by the Rev. Joseph Campbell of the First Presbyterian Church of Hackettstown. Sarah was born 29 July 1804 in Chester Township, Morris County, New Jersey. She was daughter of Nathaniel Skinner and Catherine Emmons. After the death of her husband in 1861 Sarah lived with her son, Joseph Jr. in Hainesburg. It was there that she died 09 Sept. 1881. She was buried in Marksboro Presbyterian Churchyard.

Peter and Sarah had the following children:

I. RODERICK BYINGTON ANDRESS was born 17 May 1826 and died 10 Jan. 1907.

II. JOSEPH ANDRESS JR. was born 19 Jan. 1829 and died 22 July 1887.

III. MARY ELIZABETH ANDRESS was born 09 Jan. 1831 and died 27 March 1915.

IV. MARGARET M. ANDRESS was born 23 March 1833 and died 26 Oct. 1897.

V. THEODORE H. ANDRESS was born 26 Aug. 1835 and died 03 June 1863.

VI. WILLIAM S. ANDRESS was born in April 1837.

VII. ALICE A. ANDRESS was born 31 March 1842 and died 26 July 1914.

VII. ELSEY ANN ANDRESS was born ca. 1842.

IX. JACOB S. ANDRESS was born in March 1845 and died in 1921.


1830 Federal Census, New Jersey, Warren County, Hardwick Twp., 447, Peter W Anders, 2 males under the age of five, 1 male of fifteen and under twenty, 2 males of twenty and under thirty; 2 females of twenty and under thirty.

1840 Federal Census, New Jersey, Warren County, Knowleton Twp., Peater Anders, 1 male under the age of five, 1 male of five and under ten, 2 males of ten and under fifteen, 1 male of thirty and under forty; 2 females of five and under ten, 1 female of thirty and under forty.

1850 Federal Census, New Jersey, Warren County, Frelinghuysen Twp, Family # 78, Peter W Andrus, 48, M, Stone Mason, NJ; Sarah, 45, F, Do; Roderick B, 24, M, Carpenter, Do; Margaret, 17, F, Do; William, 13, M, Do; Elsey Ann L, 8, F, Do; Jacob S., 5, M, Do.

NOTE: The 1850 census is the only reference that I’ve found of Elsey Ann Andress. In 1850 she was age eight, placing her birth ca. 1842. I have included her on this register as the daughter of Peter and Sarah. It’s possible that the Elsey Ann listed on the census is actually Peter’s daughter Alice A. She was born in 1842 and I’ve not located her elsewhere in 1850. However, Elsey may, in fact, not be Peter’s daughter but the daughter of Jacob Anders and Amy Stenabaugh of Oakland Township, Brant Co., Ontario, Canada. Jacob’s daughter Elsie was born ca. 1842. Jacob was the son of William Anders and Priscilla VanSickle. Jacob’s twin sister was also named Elsie. Could the naming of the twins have been in honour of Elsey Longstreet Ayers who died in 1791, the supposed first wife of Jacob Andress of Beattystown? I’ve speculated that the two families (Andress of Warren Co., New Jersey and Anders of Brant Co., Ontario) are related but have yet to locate a source to prove so.

1860 Federal Census, New Jersey, Warren County, Knowleton Twp., Family # 285, Peter W. Andress, 58, M, Mason, 100, NJ; Sarah, 56, F, NJ; Joseph, 30, M, Merchant; 500, 2500, NJ; Alice, 19, F, NJ; Jacob, 15, M, Clerk, NJ; Margaret Stine, 35, F, School Mistress, NJ.

Return of Deaths in the Township of Knowleton, County of Warren, State of New Jersey from the 1st day of May 1860 to the 1st day of May 1861, page 484J: “April 8th, Peter Andress, Male, Married, 60y, Farmer, Place of Death: Knowlton, Place of Birth: New Jersey, Parents: Jacob Andress, Old Age, May 16th.” NOTE: Obtained from the NJ State Archives:, transcription available at:

NOTE: Sarah E. Andress is located on the 1870 and 1880 federal census living with her son Joseph in Hainesburg.

1881 Death Certificate, New Jersey, State Bureau of Vital Statistics, Sarah E Andress, widow of Peter W, age 77 years, 2 months, white, widow, Birthplace: Chester Township, Morris Co., N Jersey, Last Place of Residence: Hainesburg, Warren Co, NJ, Life time resident, Place of Death: Hainesburg, Father’s name: Nathaniel Skinner, County of birth: USA, Mother’s name: Catherine Emmins, Died 9th day of September, 1881, Place of Burial: Marksboro.

Marksboro Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Frelinghuysen Twp, Warren County, NJ: Peter W. Andress, Born June 7, 1801, Died April 8, 1861; Sarah E. Skinner, wife of Peter W. Andress, Born July 25, 1804, Died Sept. 9, 1881. NOTE: I visited the cemetery in May 2005. The photo below was taken on that trip. The cemetery’s transcription is available at:

1897, The Sussex Register, Ancient Local History, page 12: 1825 Jan. 13, “Married: Peter W. Andress to Sarah Skinner, by Rev. Mr. Campbell.”

Friday, June 22, 2007

AFR 1-1: Elizabeth Andress Skinner

ELIZABETH ANDRESS, daughter of Jacob, was born 19 Oct. 1798 in Beattystown, Mansfield Township, Warren County, New Jersey. She died 01 Dec. 1884 in Marksboro, Frelinghuysen Twp., Warren Co., NJ and was buried in Marksboro Presbyterian Churchyard, Frelinghuysen Township, Warren Co., NJ.

Elizabeth married Amos Skinner ca. 1825. Amos was born 11 Aug. 1799. Amos was a carpenter. He died 04 Jan. 1880 and was buried in Marksboro Presbyterian Churchyard.

Amos and Elizabeth Skinner had the following children:

I. ANDREW JACKSON SKINNER was born ca. 1825 and died in 1891. He married Matilda H. Coursen, daughter of Henry V. Coursen and Elizabeth Howell, on 05 Dec. 1850. Matilda was born 02 March 1829 in New Jersey. She died 07 June 1905. They had the following children: (1) Albert Henry, born 03 Sept. 1851, died 04 April 1853; (2) Franklin Coursen, born 11 Oct. 1853, died 11 Jan. 1923, married Annie B., ca. 1880, (she was born Nov. 1859), children: Eva F, born Aug. 1880, Andrew J., born Sept. 1882, Gertrude B., born Dec. 1885, Nora C., b. Nov. 1888

II. MARGARET A. SKINNER was born ca. 1828. She died 22 March 1868 and was buried in Marksboro Presbyterian Churchyard.

III. CATHERINE P. SKINNER was born ca. 1837.

IV. JOSEPH C. SKINNER was born ca. 1839. He died 05 May 1844. He was 4 years, two months, and four days old. He was buried in Marksboro Presbyterian Churchyard.


NOTE: I’ve been unable to locate Amos Skinner in Warren County on the 1830 federal census.

1840 Federal Census, New Jersey, Warren County, Knowleton Twp., Amos Scinner, 1 male under the age of five, 2 males of fifteen and under twenty, 1 male of forty and under fifty; 1 female under the age of five, 2 females of five and under ten, 1 female of ten and under fifteen, 1 female of thirty and under forty.

1850 Federal Census, New Jersey, Warren County, Frelinghuysen Twp., Family # 67., Amos Skinner, 50, M, Carpenter, 500, NJ; Elizabeth, 49, F, Do; Andrew J., 25, M, Carpenter, Do; Margaret A., 22, F, Do; Catherine P., 13, F, Do; Wesley P. Major, 17, M, Carpenter, NJ.

Return of Marriages in the Township of Frelinghuysen, County of Warren, State of New Jersey from the 1st day of June 1850 to the 1st day of June 1851, page 23a: Date of Marriage: Dec 5, 1850; Ages: 25, 21; Married by: Wm C McGee, Frelinghuysen, Clergyman; Frelinghuysen, Andrew J. Skinner & Matilda Coursen; Parents: Amos Skinner, Carpenter, Henry & Elizabeth Coursen.

1850 December 19, Warren Journal, Belvidere, Warren County, NJ: “On the 5th, by the Rev. Wm. C. McGee, Mr. Andrew J. Skinner, of Marksboro, to Miss Matilda H. Coursen, of Johnsonsburgh.”

1860 Federal Census, New Jersey, Warren County, Frelinghuysen Twp., Family # 83, Amos Skinner, 60, M, Carpenter, 1000, 100, NJ; Elisabeth, 58, F, Wife, Do.
NOTE: I've been unable to locate Andrew J. Skinner in New Jersey in the year 1860.

1870 Federal Census, New Jersey, Warren County, Frelinghuysen Twp., Family # 185, Amos Skinner, 69, M, W, Retd Carpenter, 300, New Jersey; Elizabeth, 67, F, W, Keeping House, New Jersey.
1870 Federal Census, New Jersey, Essex County, Newark, Family # 229, Andrew Skinner, 45, M, W, Carpenter, 6000, 200, NJ; Matilda, 41, F, W, at house, NJ; Frank C., 16, M, W, NJ

1880 Federal Census, New Jersey, Warren County, Frelinghuysen Twp., Elizabeth Skinner, W, F, 78, Widowed, Keeping House, NJ, F:NJ, M:NJ.

1880 Federal Census, New Jersey, Essex County, Newark, Andrew J. Skinner, M, 55, NJ, Carpenter, F:NJ, M:NJ; Matildah Skinner, Wife, F, 51, NJ, Keeping House, F:NJ, M:NJ; Franklin C. Skinner, Son, M, 26, NJ, Bank Keeper, F:NJ, M:NJ; Anna B. Skinner, Daughter-in-law, 20, F:NJ, M:NJ.

1884 Death Certificate, New Jersey, State Bureau of Vital Statistics, Elizabeth Skinner, widow of Amos, age 86 years, 1 month, 12 days, white, widow, Birthplace: Beattystown, Warren Co., NJ, Last Place of Residence: Marksboro, Frelinghuysen Tp, Warren Co, NJ, Life long resident, Place of Death: Marksboro, Father’s name: Jacob Andress, County of birth: USA, Mother’s name: Workman, County of birth: USA, Died 1st day of December, 1884, Place of Burial: Marksboro.

Marksboro Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Frelinghuysen Twp, Warren County, NJ: Amos Skinner, Born August 11, 1799, Died January 4, 1880; Elizabeth Andress, wife of Amos Skinner, Born October 19, 1798, Died December 1, 1884; Son, Joseph C. Skinner, Died May 5, 1844, aged 4.2.4; Daughter, Margaret A. Skinner, Born July 2, 1824, Died March 22, 1868. NOTE: I visited the cemetery in May 2005. The photo below was taken on that trip. The cemetery’s transcription is available at:

State of New Jersey Index of Wills, Inventories, Etc.: 1891, Will of Andrew J. Skinner, Essex Co., NJ, page 24261.

1897, The Sussex Register, Ancient Local History, page 117: 1856 July 23, “Sash and blind factory of J.A. & A.J. Skinner, at Marksboro, destroyed by fire. Loss $3,500; insurance in Hardwick Mutual $1,969.”

1900 Federal Census, New Jersey, Essex County, Newark, Family # 231, Skinner, Matilda H., born March 1829, age 71, widowed, 2 children, 1 living; Franklin, son, born Oct. 1853, age 46, married at age 26; Annie B, d-in-law, born Nov. 1859, age 40, married at age 20, 4 children, 4 living; Eva F., born Aug. 1880, 19; Andrew J., born Sept. 1882, 17; Gertrude B., born Dec. 1885, 14; Nora C., born Nov. 1888, 11; Lizzie Parker, servant, Black, born march 1876, age 24.

1910 Federal Census, New Jersey, Essex County, East Orange City, Family # 350 Skinner, Franklin C., 56; Annie B., 30; Eva F., 28; Drew J., 26; Ruth Miler, servant, Black, 28

NOTE: Much of the Coursen family information is obtained from Descendents of John Coursen I - Version 2, by Stephen J. Murcko. He obtained his information from a document by Gerald B. Coursen, entitled The Coursen Family of America. Mr. Murcko’s work is available online at:

Updated: 07 Oct. 2007

Monday, June 18, 2007

Introduction to the Andress Family Register

First I must thank all the family members and fellow researchers who have assisted me in this project. Most importantly I have to thank my late grandfather, John David Andress Sr, who led me on my journey into our history but a few years before his passing away.

Over the following months I intend to complete each of the twenty-two chapters of the Andress Family Register. Hopefully, I can do so without interruption. Each chapter will include as much information on each of the family members that can be confirmed using primary and secondary sources. I may occasionally include information that I haven’t personally confirmed, such as that which is collected from other researchers or descendants, or publications. When I do I will identify it as unverified in the Sources & Notes section of each chapter. When listing the sources, occasionally, if the document is extensive, I may include only extracted information. Otherwise I will transcribe the full document. If I extract only the vital information for this register, it is my intention, at a later date, to include on Andress Antiquities the full transcript. Also, if I overlook a source or at a future date locate a new source that further confirms already known information, I may just add the information to the family’s existing chapter by editing instead of adding it elsewhere.

There are four main branches of the Andress family included in this register. These are the four children of Jacob Andress of Beattystown who were born between 1798 and 1807. Each descendant will not receive an identification number, which is common practice for genealogical registers. Instead I have organized each chapter with a two number heading. The first number of each chapter’s heading is to identify the main branch. The second number is used to organize the sub-chapters. The sub-chapters will be used to record the families of the children of (2-1) Peter, (3-1) Joseph, and (4-1) Hampton. In the case of (3-5) Hampton W. Andress, I have included an additional chapter for each of his three sons. This should be sufficient since this is a rather short register of less than two hundred descendants. The following is my intended table of contents.

(1-1) Elizabeth Andress Skinner, daughter of Jacob

(2-1) Peter W. Andress, son of Jacob
(2-2) Roderick Byington Andress, son of Peter
(2-3) Joseph Andress Jr., son of Peter
(2-4) Mary Elizabeth Andress Mann, daughter of Peter
(2-5) Margaret M. Andress, daughter of Peter
(2-6) Theodore H. Andress, son of Peter
(2-7) William S. Andress, son of Peter
(2-8) Alice A. Andress Transue, daughter of Peter
(2-9) Jacob S. Andress, son of Peter

(3-1) Joseph Andress, son of Jacob
(3-2) Sarah H. Andress Teel, daughter of Joseph
(3-3) Marshall H. Andress, son of Joseph
(3-4) Harriet D. Andress Lanning, daughter of Joseph
(3-5) Hampton W. Andress, son of Joseph
(3-5 A) William Snyder Andress, son of Hampton W.
(3-5 B) Clarence L. Andress, son of Hampton W.
(3-5 C) Roy Lewis Andress, son of Hampton W.

(4-1) Hampton Andress, son of Jacob
(4-2) Ariminta Andress Northrop, daughter of Hampton
(4-3) Oscar A. Andress, son of Hampton
(4-4) Theophilus Hunt Andress, son of Hampton

Sunday, June 3, 2007

1830 Federal Census, New Jersey, Warren County, Hardwick Township

Transcribed by Jeremy J. Andress, 2006

COLUMN: 1. 0-5; 2. 5-10; 3. 10-15; 4. 15-20; 5. 20-30; 6. 30-40; 7. 40-50; 8. 50-60; 9. 60-70; 10. 70-80; 11. 80-90; 12. 90-100; 13. 100 &c

Page 437:
Benjamin Emmins, M:0210001000000 F:0102010000000
Henry Harden, M:1000010000000 F:1200010000000
William Howell, M:1000010000000 F:0100010000000
Abraham Sovercool, M:0220010000000 F:2010010000000
Daniel Havens, M:0002100100000 F:0010100100000
Jane Puderbough, M:0000000000000 F:0000001000000
Margarett Anderson, M:0000000000000 F:0000000010000
Jacob Harris, M:0000000010000 F:0100000010000
Samuell Harris, M:0000010000000 F:1120100000000
Isaac Harris, M:1200010000000 F:0010010000000
George B Cunkle, M:0010000100000 F:0011000100000
John Teele, M:0030100010000 F:0102100100000
Martin Sipley, M:0200100100000 F:0000100100000
Larance Hartman, M:2020010000000 F:0100010000000
John Sares, M:0000100000000 F:0000100000000
Rynear Vansickle, M:0011000100000 F:0000001000000
Jacob [Main?], M:1000100000000 F:0000200000000
James Vansickle, M:2000100000000 F:1010100000000
John Hankinson, M:0000100000000 F:1001000000000
Isaac F Snover, M:1010010000000 F:0110010000000
Frederick Snover, M:1031011000000 F:0100011000000
John [?] Snover, M:0112000010000 F:0310001000000
Noah Orsborn, M:2100000010000 F:0000010000000
Samuel Lanning, M:0103200100000 F:0001010010000
John Vought Jnr, M:0100010000000 F:3100200000000
Mary Cristan Cunkle, M:0010010000000 F:0000000010100
William Stuart, M:1000010000000 F:1000100000000
Martin Wals, M:1120010000000 F:1011001000000

Page 438
Conrad Run, M:0001100100000 F:0000200100000
Catherine Larison, M:1000200000000 F:0100100010000
David Mann, M:0001100000000 F:0000100000000
Jacob Kunkle, M:0000000000000 F:0000001000000
William Hulton, M:0200100000000 F:1010100000000
Isaac Dickinson, M:1000100000000 F:1000100010000
Ann Mann, M:0001100000000 F:0000100100000
Moses Snover, M:1002300100000 F:1030201000000
Isaac Coursen, M:0110010000000 F:1221010000000
Samuel [Squirs?], M:1000210000000 F:0000100000000
John Wals, M:0120300010000 F:0012100101000
Jonathan Martin, M:0100010000000 F:2100100000000
Richard Coursen, M:1101110000000 F:0111020000000
Paul Mate, M:0010001000000 F:2200010000000
George Ryman, M:2221001000000 F:1000010010000
Joseph Lanning, M:1110201000000 F:0111001000000
George Campbell, M:1100000100000 F:1000001000000
John Lanning, M:0010100000000 F:0000100000000
Elizabeth Wildrick, M:0000100000000 F:0010100010000
Ruth Mills, M:0000000000000 F:0000000001000
Catherine Sherrah, M:0001200000000 F:1001001000000
James Willdrick, M:2010010000000 F:0100100000000
John Crisman, M:0100001000000 F:0100001000000
Addam Konkle, M:0000100010000 F:0000000100000
John Lebar, M:0000010100000 F:0101000100000
Joseph Willdrick, M:1000100000000 F:1001000000000
Benjaman Crisman, M:1211001000000 F:0010010000000

Page 439
George Shuster, M:2000010000000 F:2100010000000
Isaac Shuster, M:0000100000000 F:0000010000000
Abraham Shuster, M:1000100000000 F:0000010000000
Henry Vanover, M:0001001000000 F:1110101000000
George Anderson, M:0000100100000 F:0000010100000
Addam Warner, M:0110010010000 F:0010000200000
William Shuster, M:0000010000000 F:1000100000000
William J Williams, M:3000100000000 F:0000100000000
John Mills, M:1101100100000 F:0000000100000
Isaac Hull, M:1000100000000 F:1000100000000
Ann Mericall, M:0000000000000 F:0000000110000
Alexandrew Drake, M:1000010000000 F:0010100010000
Jacob M Divers, M:0000100000000 F:0000100000000
Barney Sipley, M:0020000100000 F:1011101000000
George Winter Moote, M: 0112101000000 F:0021001000000
Henry Sover Coole, M:0000100010000 F:0101000010000
Casper Crows, M:1010010000000 F:1100010000000
George Sipley, M:0100200000000 F:0001000000000
Andrew Newbecker, M:0010000010000 F:0010000100000
John Sovercool, M:1111001000000 F:2210010000000
Israel Conkle, M:0010200000000 F:0010100000000
Robart Emmins, M:0100000100000 F:0000100100000
William Mills, M:01001000000001000 F:100000000
Nathaniel Conklin, M:1120001000000 F:2120010000000
Robart M Teal, M:0000010000000 F:0000100000000
Jacob Cuntrymans, M:210001000000 F:00000100000000
John Dougherty, M:0020000010000 F:0000001000000
William Hughs, M:2020010000000 F:1200100000000

Page 440
George Strekegast, M:0000100000000 F:0000100000000
Charles Wildrick, M:1001110000000 F:1000100000000
Catherine Swort, M:0010100000000 F:0000001000000
William W Willson, M:0101010000000 F:1102010000000
John O Rice, M:0110001000000 F:0210010000000
Conrad Swick, M:0001001000000 F:0111101000000
Mickel Wildrick, M:0110000001000 F:0011100100000
Robart T Johnson, M:0111011000000 F:0001010000000
Frederick Staley, M:1000010000000 F:1100010000000
John Lain, M: 0000010000000 F:1000100100000
John Hazen, M:0000100000000 F:0001100000000
Jonathan H Besherrah, M:0010100000000 F:0001000000000
William Havins, M:3100010000000 F:1100110000000
Susan Mills, M:0000000000000 F:0000101000000
James W Tims, M:1002100000000 F:2000100000000
Hannah Thomson, M:0010100100000 F:0001100100000
Daniel Shrekgast, M:0100001000000 F:1011201000000
Marick Larned, M:0000100000000 F:0000000000000
Jacob Crisman, M:1111101000000 F:0110001000000
William Bryson, M:0000100000000 F:1000100000000
Moses Ball, M: 1210001000000 F:1010010010000
John Willson, M:0201100000000 F:0120100000000
George Crocket, M:1000120000000 F:0001100000000
John Moore Esq, M:0110010000000 F:2110010000000
Elizabeth Botton, M:0100010000000 F:0111000000000
Jacob Dodder, M:1100100000000 F:1000100000000
Margarett Dodder, M:00111000000000000000010000
John Suster, M:1210001000000 F:0020010000000

Page 441
John Harris, M:0011000100000 F:0020001100000
George Mushback, M:0001020000000 F:0200100000000
Catherine Norecross, M:0000000000000 F:0000100010000
Henry J Coursen, M:1001100000000 F:1000010000000
Abner Bunting, M:2112001000000 F:0101101000000
Peter Hopler, M:1010100000000 F:2000100000000
George Vanhorne, M:0122000100000 F:0000001000000
Jacob Swayze, M:1000200000000 F:0000100000000
Ebenezer Willson, M:1021001000000 F:2110010000000
William Armstrong, M:0010000001000 F:0000100000100
William H More, M:0002000000000 F:1100100000000
John [S?] Jones, M:0000001000000 F:0000010000000
John Salavin, M:1000000100000 F:2220010000000
Uzeal O Howell, M:1210010000000 F:1001100000000
[Massey?] Swayze, M:0000000000000 F:0000010010000
Annanias C Willis, M:0000100000000 F:1000100100000
Levinah Lanning, M:0000000000000 F:0000000000100
William H Snover, M:1010100000000 F:0000100000000
James Swayze, M:0010100100000 F:0000100100000
Nathan Cooke, M:0110200100000 F:0011000100000
Abraham H Cooke, M:1220001000000 F:1000110000000
Sarah Boty, M:0000000000000 F:0000001000000
Catherine Cooke, M:0012000000000 F:0000201000000
Abraham Windland, M:0111001000000 F:1111001000000
John Strickland, M:0110010000000 F:1200010000000
Daniel Carlis Snr, M:0001010001000 F:0000020001000
George Carlis, M:1010001000000 F:1100100000000
Isac [Hany?], M:1002001000000 F:1000110000000

Page 442
Lewis Decker, M:0100010000000 F:2000010000000
Frederick Straley, M:1300010000000 F:0100100100000
Nicholas South, M:1110101000000 F:0000101000000
John Purson, M:0000110000000 F:0000100100000
John S Stoff, M:0311000100000 F:2010001001000
George Lundy, M:0010000001000 F:0010010001000
David Lundy, M:1010010000000 F:1000100000000
Abraham Newman, M:1001100000000 F:2010100000000
[Aea?] C Vasbinder, M:0000200000000 F:0000100100000
James Gibbs, M:0111101000000 F:1111001000000
James B Alliger, M:0000001000000 F:2010010000000
Samuell Houck, M:1000010000000 F:1100110000000
Barnet S Canady, M:2000010000000 F:2210100000000
John C Flemming, M:0000100000000 F:2011100000000
Ann Kenedy, M:0000100000000 F:0110010010000
Joseph Vansickle, M:1010011000000 F:1200100000000
John Hendershot Jnr, M:2010010000000 F:1000110000000
Henry Mingl, M:1210000100000 F:?020000400000
Samuell Laign, M:0101100010000 F:0000200100000
David Cox, M:0010101000000 F:0122101000000
James Lyre, M:3000000010000 F:0001100000000
Samuel Barber, M:1230001000000 F:1001001000000
Tobias Stilwill, M:0010000100000 F:0002000000000
Addam Lerham, M:1001010000000 F:1100010100000
Joseph Ogden, M:1000000100000 F:0001001000000
John Coole, M:1200010000000 F:0100100000000
Thomas Hazen, M:0010110000000 F:2001100100000
William Matlock, M:2000110000000 F:0010010000000

Page 443
Charity Darling, M:0000010000000 F:0000000010000
William A Durlin, M:0001100000000 F:0000100000000
Lewis Meril, M:2112001000000 F:0112001000000
Jacob Dunn, M:0000101000000 F:0000001000000
Amos Mann, M:0000000010000 F:1300010000000
John Smith, M:1211001000000 F:0000001000000
Elizabeth Swachamer, M:0000000000000 F:0010010000000
Marther Norcress, M:0000000000000 F:0000010000000
James Bennit, M:3010010000000 F:0101010000000
John Cunningham, M:1101010000000 F:0000110000000
Sarah Coats, M:0102000000000 F:0010201000000
Roderick Byington, M:0000010000000 F:0000100000000
Abraham Bcoy, M:0000000000000 F:0000000000000
(Note: No numbers on original)
Jonathan Jones, M:0002011000000 F:3302100000000
John Boyd, M:1122001000000 F:1100110000000
Edward Ross, M:0000100000000 F:0000000000000
Elias Mushback, M:0011102000000 F:2321010000000
Elizabeth Witehead, M:0010000000000 F:0000000100000
Isaac Freece, M:2001010000000 F:0001100000000
Isaac Dennes, M:1211201000000 F:1021001000000
Mathew Lowrey, M:0000100010000 F:0010000100000
Robart B Little, M:0000101000000 F:0000000100000
James Lundy, M:1100110000000 F:0101110000000
Daniell Cooke, M:0121001000000 F:2112010000000
Robart C Dunman, M:0120010000000 F:2110010000000
Simon Wyckoff, M:1010010000000 F:0100110000000
Thomas Benjamin, M:0000100000000 F:0000000000000
Isaac Lanning Esq, M:0131001000000 F:1101001000000

Page 444
Daniel Curlis Jnr, M:1110001000000 F:0110010000000
Levy H Hazen, M:1110010000000 F:1010010000000
Robart J Bunnit, M:2100010000000 F:1100010000000
Abraham Hazen, M:0000000010000 F:0000000100000
Jacob S Wintermute, M:0000100000000 F:1000100000000
Abraham Winters, M:0212001000000 F:3101001000000
Isaac Howell, M:0010100100000 F:0101000100000
Elizah Fortner, M:1000100000000 F:1000100000000
Andew Fruse, M:1100001000000 F:1100010000000
William Allen Jnr, M:1010110000000 F:1200100000000
Phillip Shaver, M:0001010000000 F:1010100000000
John Anterbush, M:2000001000000 F:2110010000000
Abraham Shaver, M:1130001000000 F:1002001000000
John Armstrong Jnr, M:0310001000000 F:1010000000000
David H Armstrong, M:0010100000000 F:0001110000000
Uphame Turner, M:0000000000000 F:0000001000000
John Armstrong, M:0001001000100 F:0001101100000
Silas Casterline, M:1001010000000 F:0110100000000
James Cooke, M:0120210100000 F:0110101000000
John Simson, M:0010000100000 F:0121010000000
Aaron Norcross, M:0000100000000 F:0001000000000
Stephen Emmins, M:100100100000 F:01000101000000
John Lock, M:0110000100000 F:0002101000000
Andrew Crisman, M:0000000010000 F:0010010100000
Jessy L Parr, M:0101001000000 F:0010010000000
Abraham Swisher, M:2111001000000 F:1110101000000
Samuell Johnson, M:3000100000000 F:0010100000000
[Eley Carpun?], M:0000100000000 F:0000101000000

Page 445
James N Hight, M:1200010000000 F:1110010000000
Joseph Newman Jnr, M:1110010000000 F:1100100000000
Joseph Newman Snr, M:0000000010000 F:0010010010000
Jonah Howell, M:0000000010000 F:0001000100000
Caleb Howell, M:0011010000000 F:1200110000000
Henry Cook, M:0031001000000 F:0100010000000
Samuell Cooke, M:0000003010000 F:1210100010000
Concider Cooke, M:1000001000000 F:1210100000000
Alexandrew Bane, M:000000001000 F:00000000100000
Samuell G Howell, M:1000010000000 F:1100100000100
William Biles, M:0110010000000 F:0010010000000
George G Howell, M:3021001000000 F:2110100000000
Jacob C Millar, M:3101001000000 F:0031010000000
James G Richards, M:1110010000000 F:1000101000000
Agness Richards, M:0000000000000 F:0000100010000
Benjamin [K Ebble?], M:1000100000000 F:0100010000000
John D Cooper, M:1102001000000 F:1210001000000
Aaron Cooper, M:0200011000000 F:2110100001000
Josiah Dyer, M:0001200000000 F:0010100000000
Henry Tunison, M:1010100000000 F:0000100000000
John C Roy, M:0110001000000 F:0022101000000
John S Ogdon, M:0002100000000 F:0002200000000
Nicholas Bice, M:0012000100000 F:1110001000000
Andrew Hull, M:0100000100000 F:0010101100000
Jacob Sickles, M:0000010000000 F:0010010000000
Edward Lanning, M:1021300010000 F:0101200110000
Andrew Vought, M:0000000001000 F:0001000100000
Joseph W Vought, M:0001010000000 F:2?00100000000

Page 446
Fanney [Hetull?], M;0010100000000 F:0000200010000
John Knoff, M:0011100000000 F:0000100000000
William Wintermute, M:0010010000000 F:0200100000000
Peter Dodder, M:1000100000000 F:0110100000000
Tunis [C?] Tunison, M:0100100000000 F:1000100000000
Jacob Simmons, M:1020001000000 F:1001010000000
John Simmons, M:0010010000000 F:0001010001000
Phillip Knoff, M:0000100000000 F:0000000000000
David Lace, M:0011101000000 F:0211101000000
Jacob Hillman, M:0201010000000 F:0000101000000
George Mott , M:??00110100000 F:21320?1000000
Phillip Mott, M:0001000100000 F:0002000100000
John Hilman, M:0010101000000 F:1001001000000
Margarett Smith, M:0000000000000 F:0001100001000
William Tillman, M:1001010000000 F:1101001000000
Silas Smith, M:0010001000000 F:1010110000000
Timothy Felley, M:0000010000000 F:0000000000000
John Ayers, M:0210010000000 F:1100010000000
William [Saers?], M:1100100000000 F:1100100010000
Isaac Lanning Jnr, M:1100010000000 F:1000110000000
William Shaver, M:0000000001000 F:1001131010000
Jacob V Vought, M:1022001000000 F:0220001000000
Andrew Willson, M:0000100000000 F:1010010000000
Catherine Stinson, M:0000000000000 F:0000040100000
John Hendershot, M:2112300010000 F:0000201000000
George Willdrick, M:1102110100000 F:0001100100000
William Howell, M:1012001000000 F:2020101000000
John Midle Sworth, M:2122001000000 F:0100001000000

Page 447
Jacobe [J?] Coarsen, M:0011001000000 F:1010200000000
Thomas Bonham, M:0000000001000 F:0000000001000
Ann Prigmore, M:0000000000000 F:0100100000000
Jacob Curlis, M:1010001000000 F:0211010000000
John Vought, M:0000101000000 F:0001001000000
Elizabeth Silverthorn, M:01010100000000 F:000000100000
Elizabeth Orsborn, M:1010000000000 F:0110010000000
Aaron Lace, M:1101001000000 F:0020110000000
James Simson, M:2101010000000 F:1000010000000
Daniell T Hankinson, M:1000100100000 F:0000100000000
Elivia Kirkpatrick, M:0000000000000 F:0010000001000
Joseph Hankinson, M:0000100010000 F:0100200010000
Garett Cook, M:0010001000000 F:0110010000000
Jacob Rice, M:0101010000000 F:0222010000000
Richard Read, M:1012001000000 F:1210010000000
Sarah Howell, M:0010000000000 F:1221010000000
James Gouger, M:0000010000000 F:2000100000000
George E Batey, M:1130110000000 F:1100110000000
Peter W Anders, M:2001200000000 F:0000200000000
Willson Hunt, M:0200101000000 F:1100111000000
Joseph Anders, M:2010100000000 F:0100100000000
Peter Brigs, M:0000010000000 F:0000000000000
John McCullough, M:0000001000000 F:0000000000000
John A Allen, M:0100100000000 F:1000100000000
Uriah Stiles, M:1001100000000 F:0000100000000
David West, M:1110010000000 F:0001010000000
Nathan Armstrong, M:0110001000000 F:0000010000000
Andrew Rice, M:0100010010000 F:0002000010000

Page 448
Jacob Millar, M:0000001000000 F:0010010000000
John Konkle, M:2210100000000 F:0000100000000
Jacob Kunkle, M:0000000010000 F:0001100100000
[Enis?] Orsborn, M:0000001000000 F:0000010000000
Nicholas Crisman, M:0002000110000 F:0110101000000
Thomas Rice, M:0000010000000 F:0100010000000
Jacob Mann, M:1100100100000 F:0100100000000
James Fox, M:0111001000000 F:0221001000000
Dennis Rice, M:0000100000000 F:0201010000000
[Abm?] Angle, M:2000010000000 F:0120100000000
Isac L Snover, M:0100110000000 F:0100100000000
Joseph Karr, M:2000010000000 F:0100010000000
Elizabeth Case, M:0200000100000 F:0002211100000
William Marbacker, M:0001000000000 F:0000000000000
Phillip [?] Titman, M:0100101000000 F:0000101000000
Elizabeth Stilwill, M:0100000000000 F:0000001000000
Phebe Cook, M:0000000000000 F:0002000100000

The number of persons within my Division Consisting of the township of the township of (sic) hardwick in the County of Warren District of New Jersey appears to be Nineteen hundred and sixty two as appears in the fore going. Schedule Subscribed by me this 29th day of October in the year one thousand Eight hundred and Thirty

SIMON WYCKOFF Assistant to the Marshall of New Jersey

We here by Certify that a correct Copy of the above Schedule Signed by the Said Simon Wyckoff as an assistant to the marshall of the District of New Jersey has been set up in two of the most publick places with in the Division open to the inspection of all Concerned


Andress: Revolutionary Census of New Jersey

Revolutionary Census of New Jersey, 1972, by Kenn Stryker-Rodda

From the Preface: “Lists for Salem, Sussex, Cape May, and Cumberland counties for the years 1773-1774 are complete; for Burlington County, only Chesterfield Township is missing; and for Gloucester County there are lists for four of the seven townships. For the years 1778-1780 there are similar lists for all but three of the remaining townships of the state -- and for them the first existing records are of 1784 or 1785.”

Andreace, Andreas:
- Jacob, Greenwich, Sussex County
- Martain, Greenwich, Sussex County
- Tice, Greenwich, Sussex County

- Elezebeth, Little Egg Harbor, Burlington County
- Hannah, Little Egg Harbor, Burlington County
- Isaac, Little Egg Harbor, Burlington County
- Petter, Little Egg Harbor, Burlington County
- Jacob, New Hanover, Burlington County

- Mathias, Lebanon, Hunterdon County

Andreu, Andrece:
- Jacob, Bedminster, Somerset County

- Joseph, Western Precinct, Somerset County
- Malcom, Bernards, Somerset County
- Robart, Bernards, Somerset County

Andrew, Andrews:
- John, Amwell, Hunterdon County

- Jacob, Kingwood, Hunterdon County
- John, Upper Freehold, Monmouth County

- Jacob, Alexandria, Hunterdon County
- Paul, Alexandria, Hunterdon County

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Andress: State of New Jersey Index of Wills, Inventories, Etc., Warren, Sussex, Somerset, and Morris counties

State of New Jersey Index of Wills, Inventories, Etc.

Warren County:
Andress, Barnet, 166U, Inv. 1830
Andress, Joseph, Jr., 3422U, Inv. 1887
Andress, Margaret M., 4255U, W. 1897
Andress, Theodore H., 1646U, Inv. 1864
Andrews, George, 327U, Inv. 1834
Andrews, Jacob, 1006U, W. 1851, Inv. 1851
Andrews, Joseph, 2272U, Inv. 1874
Andrews, Martin, 448U, W. 1838, Inv. 1838
Andrews, Robert B., 1770U, Inv. 1866
Andrews, Rosanna, 485U, Inv. 1839
Andrews, William, 891U, W. 1849, Inv. 1849

Sussex County:
Anders, Jacob, 1195S, W. 1809, Inv. 1809
Andres, Christian, 404S, B. 28, p. 469., Int. 1786, Inv. 1786
Andress, Elizabeth M., 4256S, W., Cod. 1881, Inv. 1881
Andrews, Jacob, 547S, B. 33, p. 336., W. 1793, Inv. 1793
Andrews, Martin, 203S, B. 16, p. 530., Int. 1775, Inv. 1775

Somerset County:
Andrews, William, 2108R, Inv. 1827

Morris County:
Andrews, Elizabeth, 7593N, W. 1895
Andrews, James, 5866N, W. 1881
Andruss, Jonathan, 4820N, Inv. 1871

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William Anders and Priscilla VanSickle

WILLIAM ANDERS, “of German descent,” based upon the proximity of residences and family naming patterns, may have been related to Jacob Andress of Beattystown. William married Priscilla VanSickle in Sussex Co., New Jersey, 27 June 1811. Priscilla was born ca. 1785. In 1820 they may have been living in Roxbury Twp., Morris Co., NJ. William died in 1825. In 1830 Priscilla and two daughters were living in Independence Twp., Warren Co., NJ. In 1836 she, with three children, moved to Jerseyville, Ancaster Twp., Wentworth Co., Ontario, Canada. She died 23 Dec. 1862 and was buried in Stenabaugh Cemetery in Ancaster Township.

William and Priscilla had six children:

I. MARGARET ANDERS, daughter of William, was born ca. 1812 and died 20 Jan. 1878. She married William George Miller. He was born 1819 and he died 1910. They lived in Ancaster Township. They were buried in Stenabaugh Cemetery. They had the following children: (1) Sarah Ann, born circa 1834; (2) Amanda Eliza, born 13 March 1838; (3) Ira, born 18 Aug. 1839; (4) Catherine, born circa 1841; (5) Samuel A., born circa 1843; (6) Lewis, born circa 1843; (7) Elsie Ann, born circa 1846; (8) Pricilla, born circa 1846; (9) Adelaide; born circa 1848; (10) Amos B., born 13 March 1853.

II. JACOB ANDERS, son of William, was born ca. 1815 and he died 12 July 1894. He married Amy Stenabaugh. They lived in Oakland Township, Brant Co., Ontario. Amy died 05 June 1901. They were buried in Oakland Cemetery. They had the following children: (1) George W. Anders, d. 20 Sept. 1845; (2) William Anders, b. ca. 1841, m. Catherine Drake; children: Clayton Anders; (3) Elsie Anders, b. ca. 1843, m. Lewis Fonger, 15 Mar. 1863; children: Milton, Frank; (4) Hampton Anders, b. ca. 1846, d. 30 Sept. 1908, m. Clarissa Secord; children: Herbert; (5) Lewis (Lues) Anders, b. ca. 1849; (6) Milton Anders, b. ca. 1853, d. Sept. 1891, m. Caroline Ellen Proper; children: Mable, Ava Maud; (7) North Anders, b. 25 Sept. 1858, d. 1937, m. Elizabeth Ann Proper, 26 Nov. 1880; children: Lloyd, Hoyt, Ellwood.

III. ELSIE ANN ANDERS, daughter of William was born ca. 1815 and she died, unmarried, 08 Oct. 1896. She was buried in Oakland Cemetery.

IV. MORRIS ANDERS, son of William, was born 11 Jan. 1819 and he died in 1902. He married three times: (1st) Sophia Howell 13 Oct. 1841; (2nd) Martha Misener; (3rd) Mary A. Steele 15 Sept. 1873. They lived in Brantford, Brant Co., Ontario. Morris and Sophia had the following children: (1) Zylphia Anders, b. 05 Sept. 1844, m. John Y. Brown, 18 Oct. 1872; (2) Infant daughter, buried with her mother in Jerseyville Cemetery. Morris and Martha had the following children: (3) Loucetta Anders, b. 11 May 1851, m. Robert Biggar, 31 May 1876; (4) Pricilla Anders, b. 22 Dec. 1858, d. 1926, m. (1st) Lewis Doeringer and (2nd) Maxwell A. Craig, 22 Oct. 1901; (5) Maggie Anders, b. ca. 1862, m. Charles Steedman, 05 April 1892; (6) William Robert Anders, b. 18 Feb. 1865, d. 08 June 1939, m. Bertha Elizabeth Fonger, 24 Feb. 1885; children: George Howard, Mary Agatha, Charles Sherman.

V. SARAH ANDERS, daughter of William, was born ca. 1821. Perhaps remained in New Jersey.

VI. MANDA ANDERS, daughter of William, was born ca. 1823. Perhaps remained in New Jersey.


New Jersey Marriages, 1684-1895, William Andrews to Prescilla Vansyckle, 27 June 1811, Sussex County, New Jersey

NOTE: Pricilla may have been the daughter of John VanSickle and Nancy Clawson, born 18 Feb. 1786. I can not confirm this.

Lyn B. Foster, “1810” (1820) Census Roxbury Township, Morris County, New Jersey, Morris Area Genealogy Society Newsletter, Vol. 4, No. 2, June 1991, and Robert H. Smith’s transcription of the 1820 Roxbury Census: Wm Andress, M 200010; F 31010

1830 Federal Census, Independence Twp., Warren Co., NJ, : Pricilla Andrews, M 0000000000000; F 00110010000000000. NOTE: Based on the other heads of households on the same census page, Pricilla may have been living near Hackettstown.

NOTE: Most of the family information that I’ve obtained of Margaret Anders and William George Miller is based on the International Genealogical Index at

1851 Canada Census, Ancaster Twp., Wentworth Co., Canada West, Part 2, Page 12A, Jacob Anders, Farmer, 35; Amy Anders, Housewife, 33; William, 12; Elsey, 9; Hapton, 5; Lues, 2. NOTE: Jacob’s sister Elsey is in the next household, that of John and Mary Stenabaugh: Elsey Anders, 35. Amy, wife of Jacob Anders, is claimed by credible researchers to be the daughter of John Stenabaugh and Mary Miller, born 20 March 1818. This is very likely, but I have not located the sources to confirm it.

1880 U.S. Federal Census, Iowa, Jackson Co., Iowa, Lewis Fonger, 39, Ontario, Farmer; Elsie, 37; Milton, 15; Frank 11. NOTE: The Fonger-Anders marriage is recorded on the International Genealogical Index at

1881 Canadian Census, Brantford East, Brant North, Ontario, Maurice Anders, German, 62, USA, Farmer, C. Methodist; Marnan Anders, Scottish, 39, Ontario, Presbyterian; Maggie, German, 19, Ontario, Presbyterian

1881 Canadian Census, Oakland, Brant South, Ontario, Jacob Anders, German, 66, USA, Farmer, Baptist; Amy Anders, German, 63, Ontario, Baptist; Elsey Anders, German, 66, USA, Baptist

1881 Canadian Census, Oakland, Brant South, Ontario, William Anders, German, 40, Ontario, Farmer, Baptist; Cathrine Anders, German, 40, Ontario, Baptist; Clayton Anders, German, 16, Ontario, Baptist

1881 Canadian Census, Brantford East, Brant North, Ontario, Hampton Anders, English, 33, Ontario, Labourer, Baptist; Clara Anders, 30, Ontario, Wesleyan Methodist; Herbert Anders, English, 8, Ontario, Wesleyan Methodist

NOTE: According to Donald G. Secor’s Ambroise SICARD & his progeny, available at Clarissa, wife of Hampton Anders, was born 13 April 1849, daughter of Asa Secord and Sarah Elizabeth Darling.

1881 Canadian Census, Oakland, Brant South, Ontario, Milton Anders, German, 28, Ontario, Farmer, Baptist; Carrie Anders, German, 24, Ontario, Baptist; Mable Anders, German, 3, Ontario, Baptist

Warner and Beers, 1883, History of Brant County, page 551, “Morris Anders, farmer, Brantford P.O., was born in the state of New Jersey, January 11th, 1819, and is a son of William and Priscilla (Vansickle) Anders, of German descent. Mr. Anders died in New Jersey in 1825, leaving a wife and six children, viz., Margaret, Jacob and Elsie (twins), Morris, Sarah and Manda. Mrs. Anders came to Canada with three children in 1836, settling in Jerseyville, where she died in 1865. Morris Anders came to Canada in 1837, and since 1866 has made Brant County his home. He has been three times married: his first wife was Miss Sophia Howell; his second, Martha Misner; and the third, who he married in October, 1873, was Mary A. Steel, of Brantford. Mr. Anders owns 100 acres of good land, and makes a specialty of stock-raising.”
Census for the Township of Brantford, 1861, Morris Anders, 2, 41 f; Census for the Township of Oakland, 1861, Jacob Anders, 2, 7 and 8 f; Brant County Farmers’ Directories, Oakland Township, 1891, Jacob Anders, freeholder, Con. 2 & Lot 8, Milton Anders, tenant, Con. 2 & Lot 8, North Anders, tenant, Con. 2 & Lot 8; Brant County Business Directory, Scotland, 1891, North Anders, Implement Dealer.

St. Clair County, Michigan, Marriages 1887-1898, Book 4, Volume 1, 01 Dec 1890, Memphis, Clayton Anders, 26, W, Riley, b. Canada, Farmer, P: Wm. Anders & Catherine Drake; to Sara Travis, 19, W, r/b Wales, P: Ezra Travis & Jane Bice; C.D. Hartley & Hattie Hartley, both of Memphis; E.D. Hartley, Min.

Ontario Vital Statistics Project, Ontario Marriage Registrations, 4847-73 Maurice Anders, 53, widower, farmer, New Jersey US, Brantford twp., s/o William & Priscilla, married Mary Ann Steele, 31, Brantford, same, d/o John & Margaret, witn: John & Maggie Steele of Brantford, 15 Sept 1873 at Brantford.

Ontario Vital Statistics Project, Ontario Marriage Registrations, 001460-92 ( Brant Co) Charles Steedsman, 29, farmer, Canada , Brantford Twp., s/o Abraham & Annie, married Maggie Anders, 29, Canada, Brantford Twp., d/o Maurice & Martha , witn: Maurice Anders of Brantford Twp. & Pricilla & Lewis Dowinger of Brantford, 5 April 1892 at Brantford.

Ontario Vital Statistics Project, Ontario Marriage Registrations, 003668-01 ( Brant Co) Maxwell A. Craig, 51, widower, car inspector, Oxford Co., Brantford, s/o Jonathan Craig & Sarah File, married Priscilla Doeringer, 42, widow, Wentworth Co., Brantford, d/o Maurin Anders & Martha Misener, witn: Julia Roller & Ethel Craig both of Brantford, 22 Oct 1901 at Brantford.

Ontario Vital Statistics Project, Ontario Marriage Registrations, 12088-76 Robert Bigger, 31, farmer, Trafalgar twp., Ancaster twp., s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Loucetta Anders, 24, Ancaster, Beverly, d/o Morris & Martha, witn: Rinear & Ruth Hanes of Lynden, 31 May 1876 at Lynden.

1901 Canadian Census, Oakland, Oxford South, Ontario, Narth Anders, b. 25 Sept. 1858; Elizabeth A. Anders, 04 July 1859; Hoyt Anders, 03 Mar. 1886; Ellwood Anders, 12 Sept. 1892; Amy Anders (mother), 20 Mar. 1818

1901 Canadian Census, Brantford East, Wentworth & Brant North, Ontario, Caroline E. Andrews, 18 Sept. 1856; Ava M. Andrews, 28 Aug. 1888

1901 Canadian Census, Ancaster, Wentworth & Brant North, Ontario, George Fonger, 12 Jan. 1844; Sarah A. Fonger, 05 April 1846, Wm R. Anders (son-in-law), 18 Feb. 1865; Bertha Anders, 02 Jan. 1865; Geo. H. Anders, 07 June 1889; Mary A. Anders, 23 April 1891; Chas. S. Anders, 06 Sept. 1896. NOTE: Marriage date for William Anders and Bertha Fonger obtained from the research of Beverly Armstrong Golden at the Anders genforum of

1901 Canadian Census, Brantford, Brant North, Ontario, Pricilla Doeringer, 22 Dec. 1858, widowed; Edward Doeringer, son, 10 Dec. 1889; Isabel, daughter, 25 Dec. 1895.

1901 Canadian Census, Brantford, Brant South, Ontario, Robert Biggar, 09 Aug. 1839; Losetta Biggar, 11 May 1851.

Brantford Public Library, Expositor Births, Marriages, and Deaths Index, Zylphia Anders married John Y. Brown, 10/18/1872, BWX, p. 2; Maurice Anders married Mary A. Steele, 10/17/1873, BWX p. 3; North Anders married Elizabeth Ann Proper, 11/26/1880, BWX, p. 5; Milton Anders, death, 09/11/1891, BWX, p.7, col. 5; Mrs. Jacob Anders, Sr, death, 06/13/1901; BWX, p. 4, col. 1; Hampton Anders, death, 10/08/1908, BWX, p. 7, col. 3; Ellwood Anders married Mildred Townsend, 09/16/1915, p.2, col. 1 & p. 8, col. 4.

Transcription for Stenabaugh Cemetery in Ancaster Twp., Wentworth Co., Ontario, Canada, by Murray E. Fair, Percilla Anders, d. 23 Dec. 1862, 76 years, 10 months, 5 days; George W. Anders, son of Jacob & Amy Anders, d. 20 Sept. 1845; Miller, Margaret (Anders), d. 1878, age 65 yrs, 6 mons, w/o William G. Miller; Miller, William G., b. 1819, d. 1910, h/o Margaret Miller (Anders.)

Transcription for Greenwood Cemetery in Brantford Twp., Brant Co., Ontario, Canada; by Murray E. Fair, Anders, Mary A. (Steele), b. 1841, d. 1926, w/o Morris Anders; Anders, Morris, b. 1817, d. 1900, h/o Mary A. Anders (Steele); Doeringer, Lui, b. 1857, d. 1896, h/o Priscilla Doeringer (Anders); Doeringer, Priscilla (Anders), b. 1857, d. 1926, w/o Lui Doeringer.

Transcription for Oakland Cemetery in Oakland Twp., Brant Co., Ontario, Canada; by Murray E. Fair, Anders, Amy, d. 5 Jun 1901, 85 yrs, w/o Jacob Anders; Anders, Caroline (Proper), b. 1855, d. 1935, w/o Milton Anders; Anders, Eleanor S. (Dawson), b. 1885, d. 1960, w/o Hoyt Anders; Anders, Elizabeth (Proper), b. 1859, d. 1939, w/o North Anders; Anders, Ellwood, b. 1892, d. 1975, h/o Mildred V. Anders; Anders, Elsie Ann, d. 8 Oct 1896, 82 yrs, sister/o Jacob Anders; Anders, Hoyt, b. 1886, d. 1976; Anders, Jacob, d. 12 Jul 1894, 79 yrs, h/o Amy Anders; Anders, Lloyd, d. 1 Feb 1885, 5 mons, 21 dys, son/o North & Elizabeth Anders; Anders, Mattie (Barber), b. 1887, d. 1927, w/o Hoyt Anders; Anders, Mildred (Thurley), b. 1927, d. 2003; Anders, Mildred V., b. 1894, d. 1985, w/o Ellwood Anders; Anders, Milton, d. 5 Sep 1991, 38 yrs, 9 mons, 15 dys; Anders, North Elroy, b. 1917, d. 1990; Anders, North, b. 1850, d. 1937, h/o Elizabeth Anders (Proper), W.O.W. monument; Anders, Verna Mae, b. 1918, d. 2000, w/o North Elroy Anders.

Transcription for Mount Hope Cemetery in Brantford Twp., Brant Co., Ontario, Canada, by Beverly Golden, Anders, Charles Sherman, b. 1896, d. 1971, h/o Nellie; Anders, George Howard, b. 1889, d. Oct 12 1930; Anders, Nellie VanSickle, b. 1901, d. Aug 16 1993, wife of Charles Sherman Anders; Anders, William Robert, b. 1866, d. 1939; Anders, William, d. Oct 1 1945.

Transcription for Jerseyville Cemetery in Ancaster Twp., Wentworth Co., Ontario, Canada, by Gloria Pare, Anders, Infant, d/o Morris & Sophia, (no dates on stone), s/w Sophia Anders; Anders, Sophia (Howell), d. 26 Aug 1850, aged 27y 2m 11ds, w/o Morris Anders.

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