The Andress Family Register, a work in progress, documents the descendants of Jacob Andress of Beattystown, NJ. The AFR is found in the Archive 18 June - 02 Aug. 2007. The AFR has also been added to

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Andress and Andrews Families of Northwest New Jersey 1830

Warren County

Hardwick, Joseph Anders: M20101 F01001
Hardwick, Peter W Anders: M200102 F00002

Independence, Pricilla Andrews: M0 F0011001
Independence, Richard Andrews: M00000001 F00001001

Greenwich, Jacob B Andrews: M213001 F00101
Greenwich, John Andrews: M1100011 F1020001
Greenwich, Barnet Andrews: M10001 F0000001
Greenwich, (Widow) Mary Andrews: M0 F0000101001
Greenwich, Martin Andrews: M0111001 F2110101
Greenwich, Jacob Andrews: M00100001 F00111
Greenwich, Stephen Andrews: M1000401 F0001001
Greenwich, Thos Andrews: M10001 F00001

Oxford, Daniel Andrews: M0010001 F0001001
Oxford, John Andruss: M1001001 F1200101

Morris County

Morris, James Andress: M001301 F12002
Morris, Sylvester Andrews: M010001 F01101

Pequannock, John C Andrews: M011113 F010202

Hunterdon County

Trenton, Chester Andrews: M1000001 F100001

There are no heads of households by the name of Andress or Andrews in the counties of Somerset and Sussex on the 1830 federal census.

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