The Andress Family Register, a work in progress, documents the descendants of Jacob Andress of Beattystown, NJ. The AFR is found in the Archive 18 June - 02 Aug. 2007. The AFR has also been added to

Monday, June 18, 2007

Introduction to the Andress Family Register

First I must thank all the family members and fellow researchers who have assisted me in this project. Most importantly I have to thank my late grandfather, John David Andress Sr, who led me on my journey into our history but a few years before his passing away.

Over the following months I intend to complete each of the twenty-two chapters of the Andress Family Register. Hopefully, I can do so without interruption. Each chapter will include as much information on each of the family members that can be confirmed using primary and secondary sources. I may occasionally include information that I haven’t personally confirmed, such as that which is collected from other researchers or descendants, or publications. When I do I will identify it as unverified in the Sources & Notes section of each chapter. When listing the sources, occasionally, if the document is extensive, I may include only extracted information. Otherwise I will transcribe the full document. If I extract only the vital information for this register, it is my intention, at a later date, to include on Andress Antiquities the full transcript. Also, if I overlook a source or at a future date locate a new source that further confirms already known information, I may just add the information to the family’s existing chapter by editing instead of adding it elsewhere.

There are four main branches of the Andress family included in this register. These are the four children of Jacob Andress of Beattystown who were born between 1798 and 1807. Each descendant will not receive an identification number, which is common practice for genealogical registers. Instead I have organized each chapter with a two number heading. The first number of each chapter’s heading is to identify the main branch. The second number is used to organize the sub-chapters. The sub-chapters will be used to record the families of the children of (2-1) Peter, (3-1) Joseph, and (4-1) Hampton. In the case of (3-5) Hampton W. Andress, I have included an additional chapter for each of his three sons. This should be sufficient since this is a rather short register of less than two hundred descendants. The following is my intended table of contents.

(1-1) Elizabeth Andress Skinner, daughter of Jacob

(2-1) Peter W. Andress, son of Jacob
(2-2) Roderick Byington Andress, son of Peter
(2-3) Joseph Andress Jr., son of Peter
(2-4) Mary Elizabeth Andress Mann, daughter of Peter
(2-5) Margaret M. Andress, daughter of Peter
(2-6) Theodore H. Andress, son of Peter
(2-7) William S. Andress, son of Peter
(2-8) Alice A. Andress Transue, daughter of Peter
(2-9) Jacob S. Andress, son of Peter

(3-1) Joseph Andress, son of Jacob
(3-2) Sarah H. Andress Teel, daughter of Joseph
(3-3) Marshall H. Andress, son of Joseph
(3-4) Harriet D. Andress Lanning, daughter of Joseph
(3-5) Hampton W. Andress, son of Joseph
(3-5 A) William Snyder Andress, son of Hampton W.
(3-5 B) Clarence L. Andress, son of Hampton W.
(3-5 C) Roy Lewis Andress, son of Hampton W.

(4-1) Hampton Andress, son of Jacob
(4-2) Ariminta Andress Northrop, daughter of Hampton
(4-3) Oscar A. Andress, son of Hampton
(4-4) Theophilus Hunt Andress, son of Hampton

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