The Andress Family Register, a work in progress, documents the descendants of Jacob Andress of Beattystown, NJ. The AFR is found in the Archive 18 June - 02 Aug. 2007. The AFR has also been added to

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Andress: State of New Jersey Index of Wills, Inventories, Etc., Warren, Sussex, Somerset, and Morris counties

State of New Jersey Index of Wills, Inventories, Etc.

Warren County:
Andress, Barnet, 166U, Inv. 1830
Andress, Joseph, Jr., 3422U, Inv. 1887
Andress, Margaret M., 4255U, W. 1897
Andress, Theodore H., 1646U, Inv. 1864
Andrews, George, 327U, Inv. 1834
Andrews, Jacob, 1006U, W. 1851, Inv. 1851
Andrews, Joseph, 2272U, Inv. 1874
Andrews, Martin, 448U, W. 1838, Inv. 1838
Andrews, Robert B., 1770U, Inv. 1866
Andrews, Rosanna, 485U, Inv. 1839
Andrews, William, 891U, W. 1849, Inv. 1849

Sussex County:
Anders, Jacob, 1195S, W. 1809, Inv. 1809
Andres, Christian, 404S, B. 28, p. 469., Int. 1786, Inv. 1786
Andress, Elizabeth M., 4256S, W., Cod. 1881, Inv. 1881
Andrews, Jacob, 547S, B. 33, p. 336., W. 1793, Inv. 1793
Andrews, Martin, 203S, B. 16, p. 530., Int. 1775, Inv. 1775

Somerset County:
Andrews, William, 2108R, Inv. 1827

Morris County:
Andrews, Elizabeth, 7593N, W. 1895
Andrews, James, 5866N, W. 1881
Andruss, Jonathan, 4820N, Inv. 1871

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