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Sunday, July 15, 2007

AFR 4-4: Theophilus Hunt Andress

THEOPHILUS HUNT ANDRESS, son of Hampton, was born 01 Jan. 1841 in Stillwater Township, New Jersey. He served as a surgeon during the War Between the States. After the war he resided in Sparta, Sussex County, NJ, where he was a well known physician. He died 26 Aug. 1913 in Sparta and was buried in Newton Cemetery.

Theophilus married Sarah Cecelia Cutler on 10 Oct. 1865. Sarah, daughter of Dr. Cutler, was born 09 Aug. 1842 and she died 22 Nov. 1883. She was buried in Newton Cemetery.

Theophilus and Sarah Andress had the following children:

I. FREDERICK RYERSON ANDRESS was born 30 June 1867 and he died 26 Oct. 1948. Frederick married Mary Nichols Thomas ca. 1893. She was born ca. 1869. They had the following children: (1) Edith Cecelia, born 31 Dec 1893, died 31 July 1949; (2) Fred Ryerson Jr., born 03 Dec. 1897 and died 31 Dec. 1978.

II. HAMPTON A. ANDRESS was born 10 Feb. 1871 and he died 27 June 1922 and is buried in Sparta Cemetery. He married Angeline Augie Decker 08 April 1896. She was born ca.1871. She was the daughter of James and Malvina Decker. Hampton and Angeline had one child: (1) Marjorie, born ca. 1897, married A. G. Fuller.

III. WILLIAM STEWART ANDRESS was born ca. 1874. He married Alice Coates Cooper, daughter of Walter Stepoart Cooper and Mary Edsall, on 16 Jan. 1904 in Manhattan, New York.

IV. LENA CELIA ANDRESS was born ca. 1877. She married John H. King, M.D.

V. MARY VAIL ANDRESS was born 27 March 1883 in Sparta, New Jersey. Mary Vail was “the first woman to become an officer of a major New York bank” She died 15 May 1964 in New York City.

Theophilus married secondly, in 1891, Elizabeth Kinney Hoffman, daughter of William Hoffman and Mary Dennis. Elizabeth was born ca. 1865 and she died after 1920.

Theophilus and Elizabeth Andress had the following children:

VI. GERTRUDE ANDRESS was born ca. 1895.

VII. RUSSELL T. ANDRESS was born ca. 1896 in New Jersey. He died in 1952 in Stanhope, Sussex County, New Jersey. Russell married Anna M. McMichael. She was born ca. 1900.

VIII. DOROTHY ANDRESS was born 04 March 1897 and she died 01 April 1899. She was buried in Newton Cemetery.


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