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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Jacob Andress Middlesworth

Jacob Andress Middlesworth was born 20 Sept. 1819, in Hope Twp., Warren Co., NJ, to James L. and Euphemia Middlesworth. On 15 July 1848, Jacob married Catherine Wintermute. Born 24 Nov. 1817 she was the daughter of Peter Wintermute and Catherine Snover. In the same year of their marriage, 1848, Jacob and Catherine moved to Schooley’s Mountain, Washington Twp., Morris Co. NJ, and had their first child, Maria, soon after. In 1849 or 50 they had their second child, Jehu. Maria died 17 March 1856 at age eight. Jacob died 07 June 1883. Catherine died 11 Dec. 1891. Jehu never married and died after the age of eighty.

Was Jacob Andress Middlesworth the grandson of Jacob Andress of Beattystown?

At this point of research three documents uncover the following links:

(1) Joseph Andress Jr., grandson of Jacob Andress of Beattystown, lived, for a short while, with Jacob Andress Middlesworth at Schooley’s Mountain.

(2) Jacob Andress Middlesworth was the son of James L. Middlesworth and Euphemia Middlesworth.

(3) James L. Middlesworth was associated with Joseph Andress and Peter W. Andress (sons of Jacob Andress of Beattystown.)

First, according to the 1850 federal census Jacob Andress Middlesworth was a merchant living in Washington Twp., Morris County. Living with Jacob was a clerk, Joseph Andress, age 21. Joseph was the son of Peter W. Andress, born 19 Jan. 1829, and grandson of Jacob Andress of Beattystown. Joseph’s 29 July 1887 obituary from The Belvedere Apollo includes the following insight: “In early life he acquired good business habits and when quite a young man opened a store for himself at Schooley’s Mountain.”

Second, Euphemia Middlesworth of Hope Township wrote her Will 11 April 1844. Her estate inventory was recorded 13 April 1847. After ordering her debts to be paid, Euphemia gives “to my son Jacob A. Middlesworth of Stillwater . . . . all of my property and estate” She then appoints him Executor of her Will. Witness to her Will were John L Silverthorn and another person whose name is illegible. John L. Silverthorn and Abraham (?Truse?) were appraisers of her estate’s inventory.

Third, James L. Middlesworth of Oxford Township wrote his Will 22 Nov. 1826. His estate inventory was recorded on 02 Jan. 1827 and his Will probated on the 6th of Jan. Witness to his Will were Samuel Hudson, Isaac R Newman, and Daniel Mixell. The Executor of the Will was Abraham Newman. Appraisers of the inventory were James Dewitt and Daniel Mixell. In his Will James gives to his “dear wife Effami Middlesworth” a number of household items and the “house and lot in the village of Hope.” In the Will he doesn’t name his children, but mentions that they were under age. Included with the estate inventory is a Book Account which lists the debts of about eighty persons. “Joseph Andrews, $4.26” and “Peter Andrews, $2.62” are included in that list.

The parents of Jacob Andress Middlesworth were probably born around the turn of the century. Perhaps a record will never be uncovered to prove the claim, but I suspect that Euphemia Middlesworth is actually the daughter of Jacob Andress of Beattystown. In my 29 May 2007 posting entitled “Who was Jacob Andress of Beattystown?” I attempted to show a connection between the Andress family and the Ayers / Longstreet family. If the claim is correct about Jacob’s first marriage to Elli Longstreet Ayres, it is interesting to note that Elli’s mother’s name is Euphemia. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence.


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