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Thursday, January 24, 2008

1863 Inventory, Theodore H. Andress

1646 U
Inventory & Appraisement of the Property of Theodore H. Andress, dec’d
Proved July 11, 1864
Recorded in Warren County Surrogate Office, N.J. in Book of Inventories No.8 Folio 287
[Wm Allhouse?] Surrogate

A true and perfect inventory and appraisement of the personal property of Theodore H. Andress Late of the County of warren Deceased made by Joseph Andress Jr. administrator and John J. Vankirk and Aaron O Barton two disinterested freeholders this first day of September A. D. 1863

Wearing apparel, $15.00
Purse, 406.50
1 [Flag?], 15.00
Waggon & whip, 51.00
1 [---?---], 20.00
1 set of single Harness, 9.00
1 Pistol, 3.00
[---?---], 1.25
1 silver watch, 10.00
Chest & Tools, 28.00
1 Horse Blanket, 3.50
1 Violin & Trunk, 4.00
1 note of hand against Andrew J. Rice
dated August 27, 1862 for, 5.32
1 old Truck waggon, 2.00


Warren County SS
Joseph Andress Jr. administrator of Theodore H. Andress deceased on his oath saith that the within writing contains a true & perfect inventory of all singular the goods chattels & credits of the said Theodore H. Andress deceased as far as have come to his knowledge or possession or the possession of any other person or persons for his use
Sworn & subscribed before me July 11 1864

WM [ALLSHOUSE?] Surrogate

Warren County SS
Aaron O Barton one of the appraisers of the within inventory on his oath saith that the goods chattels & credits in the said inventory set down & specified were by him appraised according to their just & true inspection rates & values after the best of his judgment & understanding: and that John J. Vankirk the other appraiser whose name is thereunto subscribed was present at the same time they appraised all things that were brought to their view for their appraisement
Sworn & subscribed before me July 11 1864

WM [ALLSHOUSE?] Surrogate

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