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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Andress Students at Blair Academy 1848-1893

Souvenir Volume of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Blair Presbyterial Academy, June 16-17, 1898: Containing a Historical Sketch and a Complete List of Teachers and Students

The Blairstown Press Print 1898

Names of the Blair Hall Students

Page 35: 1848-1854, Lanning, Huldah J., Blairstown, (Mrs. R. B. Andress)

Page 36: 1854-1862, Andress, Isaiah, Blairstown

Page 42-43: 1862-1875, Andress, Huldah, Blairstown; Andress, Isaiah, Blairstown; Andress, Clark, Blairstown; Page 54: Wintamute, Editha C., Stillwater, ( Mrs. Oscar Andress)

Page 61: 1883-1893: Andress, Frank L., Blairstown

(NOTES: Huldah, Isaiah, and Clark Andress were the children of Roderick Byington Andress and Huldah Jane Lanning of Blairstown. Oscar Andress was the son of Hampton Andress of Stillwater. Hampton’s brother Peter was the father of Roderick B. Andress.)


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