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Sunday, October 12, 2008

NW New Jersey Andress WWI & WWII Records

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

Charles Andress, age 45; born: 2 Sept. 1873; residence: Columbia, Warren Co., NJ; wife: Etta Andress

George Linford Andress, age 33; born: 3 May 1885; residence: Hope, Warren Co., NJ; wife: Mary Andress

William Andress, age 38; born: 21 March 1880; residence: 340 Bristol St., Buffalo, NY; wife: Bertha Andress

Clarence Sumner Andress, age 42; born: 27 Oct. 1875; residence: 4 Macoph???, Up. Montclair, Essex Co., NJ; wife: Cora ?Cleone? Andress

William Roderick Andress, age 34; born: 31 July 1884; residence: 46 High, Newton, NJ; wife: Minni Cole Andress

George W. Andress, age 29; born: 12 April 1888, Middleville, NJ; residence: 180 Broad St., Newark, NJ; single

Russell T. Andress, age 22; born: 12 May 1895; residence: Sparta, NJ; single; 2 years previously in National Guard

World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942

George Linford Andress, residence: Hope, Warren Co., NJ; age 56; born: 3 May 1885, Portland, Pa.; person who will always know address: Miss Minnie D. Smith, Columbia., NJ (no relationship given); height: 5’10”; weight: 205; date of registration: April 27, 1942

Charles Albert Andress, residence: Coleville Rd., Wantage Twp., Sussex Co., NJ.; age 46; born: 4 Aug. 1895, Stroudsburg, Pa.; wife: Mrs. C. A. Andress; height: 6; weight: 260; date of registration: April 26, 1942

William Roderick Andress, residence: 79 High St., Newton, Sussex Co., NJ; age 57; born: 31 July 1884, Blairstown, NJ; wife: Mrs. Minnie C. Andress; height: 5’8 ½ ”; weight: 210; “mole on right temple”; date of registration: April 26, 1942

George Wintamute Andress, residence: 344 Woodside Ave., Newark, Essex Co. NJ; age 54; born: 12 April 1888, Middleville, NJ.; wife: Eva Andress; height: 5’10 ½ ”; weight: 162; “scar back of left ear”; date of registration: April 26, 1942

Russell T. Andress, residence: Linden Ave., Stanhope, Sussex, NJ; age 46; born: 12 May 1895, Sparta, NJ; wife: Mrs. Anna Andress; height: 5’10”; weight: 175; date of registration: April 26, 1942

(NOTES: Charles, born in 1873, was the son of Marshall H. Andress of Marksboro. Marshall’s son Joseph was the father of George Linford Andress, and Marshall’s son Albert was the father of Charles Albert Andress. Marshall was the son of Joseph who was born ca. 1803. Joseph had two brothers, Peter and Hampton. Peter’s son Roderick was the father of Isaiah Preston Andress and Joseph Clark Andress. Isaiah was the father of both the William, born in 1880 who resided in Buffalo, NY and Clarence Sumner Andress who lived in Essex County. William Roderick was the son of Joseph Clark Andress. Russell T. Andress and George Wintermute Andress were grandsons of Hampton Andress - George, son of Oscar Andress and Russell, son of Dr. Theophilus H. Andress. )

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