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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stroudsburg Andress WWI & WWII Records

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

William Snyder Andress, age 34; born 15 Oct. 1883; residence: 122 North 2nd Street, Stroudsburg, Pa.; wife: Lesta Susan Andress

Roy Lewis Andress, age 26; born: 12 Oct. 1890; residence: 102 North 5th Street, Stroudsburg, Pa.; wife and 3 children

Clarence Linden Andress, age 28; born 26 June 1888, Stroudsburg, Pa.; residence: 25 ?? Easton, Pa; wife & child

World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942

William Snyder Andress, residence: 400 Lincoln Ave, East Stroudsburg, Pa.; age 58; born: 15 Oct. 1883, Stroudsburg, Pa.; wife: Mrs. Lesta Andress; height: 5’ 9”; weight: 165; “wears glasses”; date of registration: April 27, 1942

Roy Lewis Andress, residence: 474 Franklin Ave., Palmerton, Pa.; age 51; born: 12 Oct. 1890, Stroudsburg, Pa.; wife: Sadie M. Andress; height: 6’ 2”; weight: 159; “Third & Fourth fingers on lefty hand crooked due to injuries”; date of registration: April 27, 1942

Clarence Linden Andress, residence: 10 Rose St. E. Stroudsburg, Pa.; age 53; born 26 June 1888, Stroudsburg, Pa.; wife: Ada Andress; height: 5’ 8”; weight: 185; “sear-tip of finger - right hand”; date of registration: April 27, 1942

World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946

Floyd L. Andress, born 1913, Carbon Co., Pa; enlisted 06 May 1941, private, single without dependents

Elwood K. Andress, born 1914, Carbon Co., Pa; enlisted 07 June 1943, private, single without dependents

John D. Andress, born 1920, Monroe Co., Pa; enlisted 21 March 1945, private, married

(NOTES: William, Roy and Clarence were brothers, sons of Hampton W. Andress and Eliza Ann Snyder. John D. was the son of William, and Elwood and Floyd were the sons of Roy.)

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